Monday, October 6, 2008

Buddy Walk #1

To put it simply, I'm glad I went.

Playette and I were slow to leave the house and arrived about 45 minutes later than I planned. (So leaving 15 minutes before the start time when you live over an hour away doesn't work? Noted.) The good thing was that we arrived just as the announcement was being made for folks to line up to walk. I was so afraid we'd missed that part.

I had shamelessly begged online for a buddy for us to walk with, but failed to arrange for a meeting place or time. Good thing we went to the monthly family dinner a while back because we were recognized after not too long and attached ourselves to a team.

Yeah, a team. Who knew? Well, I had kinda heard about that, but still, I really had no idea. Matching t-shirts, banners, buttons, flags, wow. I felt bad for a second, but then got over it. We were there, after all.

I put on my Buddy Walk t-shirt and started to walk the 1-mile loop around the park. I thought it was beautiful. The lake, the...mountains? hills? big mounds of land were so majestic against the gray sky. It was a rainy morning and the white clouds that did exist really stood out. I don't know why I liked it. Maybe it was because I was in such a good mood. The atmosphere lent to that. There was total acceptance. Playette got lots of good attention. She was appreciated for just who she is there.

There was a bounce house, a slide, popcorn, cotton candy, snowcones, fire trucks, police cars, and music.

We danced (reggae nursery rhymes! - loved it!), we ate, we played instruments, met new friends. It was very cool.

I spent some of my time with a family who brought their newest addition, an adorable 2 week old baby boy. There was also quality time spent with with a very engaging thirteen year old young woman. Both of those conversations made me so glad that I came.

Click here for official photos.
(I found us on pages 1 and 8.)

I'll post a link to all of my photos later.

BD should be home soon!


Shawndi84 said...

Ya'll are so cute! I love reading your blog because I crack up every time- your hilarious!!

Lisa said...

So awesome, Chrystal :) I loved all the photos, they made me all teary.

hapagirlhapafamily said...

I feel like I missed out! Next year, either in the Bay area or Sacramento! We'll have to try to form a team, maybe with Sheree too.

Michelle said...

I'm glad you decided to just go for it and make it to the Walk! We've been doing this for 6 yrs now and I'm still not organized enough for the personalized tshirts etc for teams! I'm so impressed when I see big groups walking for someone and they have those tshirts or banners or something. Problem is I never know how many we're going to have walking with us, and the nearest walk for us is 2 hrs away, so I doubt that people would want to make a trip that far (and being military you know how that goes not having family around.) We have been lucky to have some friends walk with us every year (except the first when she was 3 months old and we didn't think to ask anyone!) but I just wouldn't know how to start w/the tshirts - how many to make...and who pays for all that anyway? I imagine it would get expensive!

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