Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Day, Another State

Well, sorta. I'm still in OK and will be until Thursday, but that the first title that came to mind.

I like it here. The room is super cute, the bed is comfy, and I'm not 100% paranoid that I'm going to catch something by walking around barefoot. Plus, it's warm outside and you know what that does to me. And did you know that Sonic HQ is here? Yup, it is. I found it while walking around yesterday. They're ready for people like me. The receptionist gave me a beer Fried Ice Cream Blast cozy just for stopping by and looking like a dork. I recommended that they offer a tour of the facilities. He absolutely did not write down that note and forward it on to upper management.

[I can't upload my camera photos, so see if this works. Should be a link to uploads I've made from my camera to Facebook over the last year or so.]

I really should be out enjoying the city, but I am still so tired from all this gallvanting back and forth across the country. I'm due to present at Oklahoma State University this afternoon and it's a nice long drive from here so I better get moving.

The original plan was to get up, go work out (I even made sure to get a room close to the facilities), walk across the street and tour the Botanical Gardens, and then leave, but no.

I did get up though, so good on me for that.

Last night, I met up with my friend Kara who I went to college with and haven't seen in years. [There's a photo of me like this floating around somewhere that tells a little about the last time we got together in New Orleans.] We chatted while dining at TK's. (Did I just sound like a local or what?) and it was really nice to see her. We'll get together again. It's so much nicer to have someone you know around while in an unfamiliar place.

(Hey, that's actually relative to this whole blogging thing. See numbers 3 and 5.)

Time to go handle some business.

And just so BD doesn't think I'm a complete traitor - HOOK 'EM!


sheree said...

have fun today! Glad your room is cozy AND you have a sonic. I have still yet to observe one in person!

ks_kristi said...

Amazing I stopped moving long enough to make a profile. We can't wait for this trip to be over b/c then you'll be on your way to KS! Yippee. Oh yea and playette gets to see cows;)

What day is the visit to KU?

Dwight said...

That's right! Stay focused. Don't get all mushie in OK.
Go Texas, Beat OKie State!! Oh and HOOKEM!

Michelle said...

Ok I want to know what you do for work with all this traveling and presenting and having promotional materials! LOL