Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Morning Routine

Before I was a mom, I swore I would never let my child watch TV. I didn't want her to be like me, totally addicted to crap. (But, I'm saying though, if you saw the finale to "I Love Money", holla at me.)

Yeah, yeah, I know, things change. So when I'm getting ready for work and Playette is all over and into everything, I do let her watch Caillou. He's a cool little dude. And his mom is thick too. You know, "average sized" - walking around in her sweat pants and her baggy sweater. She's real. So at least I don't feel bad about that part. They even showed her in a bathing suit today. She is so my hero!

Anyway, so sometimes Playette watches Caillou, Curious George, and Signing Time. But that's it. Oh, and most stuff on ESPN, but that's all.

At least when she watches PBS, I make her sit in the Bear Chair. I like to think that she loves the Bear Chair.

Here's a glimpse:

What will that crazy Caillou do next?

I got things to do. I'm outta here.

I'm sorry, Bear Chair, I'll be back later. Promise!

Off to my next adventure.


hapagirlhapafamily said...

How cute...just wait till you get more kiddies :) I do the best I can, but sometimes the TV is my saviour. OH...I love that Caillou's mom is not the skinny minnie mommy that I'm so jealous of! You're doing a fine job momma taking care of Playette!

Tricia said...

I SWEAR...Georgia is NOT watching TV while I read this. :)

Tammy said...

I'm so glad you entered my giveaway...it was fun to visit you today and see your sweet family.
(Your daughter is adorable, and loved the wedding picture below!)
God bless,
~Tammy (Lattes and Lollipops)

Vanetta said...

She's getting so big . . . look at her . . well the fact that she is still alive says something . . keep up the good work . . . luv yall especially the little lady - Lady Lea

sheree said...

oh, those pics are too cute!

Cam loves Cailou. It's his MOST FAVORITE cartoon, lol. Cailou is a bit whiny for my liking, but his mom usually whips him into shape, lol.

My name is Sarah said...

Oh Caillou is so cute. I love the bear chair.

Renee said...

oh, she is so cute!

Shawndi84 said...

Yep. Saw I love money. How did you like that? Now I have been watching that stupid my new BFF with Paris Hilton- I think because I went to high school with one of the girls... I love bear chair by the way... A'Reian has a tiger just like it!

Danielle said...

Go baby girl, go!!! I can remember just last year when I held her, time goes by so fast. Love ya.


Michelle said...

oh yes, the tv! I swore Kayla wasn't going to watch so much either! I do draw the line on what she watches though - like only Noggin because it doesn't have all those commercials. But she does watch more than I care to admit.