Monday, April 5, 2010

Lessons in Inclusion and Acceptance, by Caillou

Someone in my Ds support group recommended an episode of the children's show, Caillou. I used to watch that show every morning with Playette while I was doing her hair so I figured I'd check it out. Apparently, the little boy, Alan, has Ds.

Caillou and the Dragon

At first, I felt my eyes welling up, but then after a minute I was fine.

Seeing Alan struggle feels real to me and real hurts to see sometimes.

But it's good, too, y'know. Because the more I understand that it is what it is? Well, I'm thinking, the better off I'll be.

Plus? So what.

So what if Playette is different. So what if it takes her longer to do some things.

So flippin' what.

Why do we care so much about that anyway. Why do I care so much?

Today...I don't.

I like the way that feels.


Also, I haven't had the chance to check for myself, but this episode is supposed to be on Comcast On Demand on the Sprout channel.


Tricia said...

You know what kind of bugs me about that clip though? It's all about Calliou being good by being friends with the little boy w DS. And it's kind of condescending "little dragon" etc...but it's a good attempt I guess.

Andrea said...

I love when I have those days....when I am "OK" with it all. Those are great days!:) I have sooooo many of those days now! xoxo

The Sanchez Family said...

Me the I'm ok with it all days...and fortunately those days are more common than the others!

Laurie said...

Oh wow! I didn't realize that he had Ds. I have seen that one a couple of times and wondered...

I agree w. Tricia - good attempt, good attempt...


Michelle Z said...

I'm with T, it was a good try, but we didn't really learn much about Alan ... but after all, it is Calliou's show.

What got to me, though, was Alan's Mother. I could totally be her.