Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finding the Humor

Yesterday, I had a conversation with our Service Blocker Coordinator.

She called me out of the blue. Let's call her "Angie."

When the phone rang, I had to make a quick decision: To talk or not to talk.

What's more painful? A conversation or a voicemail followed by frequent failed attempts to get her on the phone only to have that very same conversation?

So I answered.

She was under the impression that I wanted to talk to her. Grapevine and all that.

I told her no, that I was quite happy with my head stuck firmly in the sand regarding Playette's transition.

She'll be three in about two months and that's when you get the boot from Early Intervention and move into the Realm of the Big Kids. At that point, she is eligible for different services and Playette could go to public preschool if we wanted her to.

I don't know what I want.

But, what was funny to me what that Angie went into this set of questions. Self-help type stuff. At first, it seemed like nothing, just small talk, but then I was all, "Uh, Angie, what are these questions?"

She was filling out some form. Of course.

Damn, Angie, could you ask me first? I mean, really.

So, one of her questions, which apparently is attempting to determine whether Playette is going to be eligible for services after she turns three (she will be, no form required) was, "Can she comb her own hair?"



Gosh, I'm gonna miss Angie after we transition. A new Service Blocker Coordinator? However will I cope?


Brendan said...

this is brendan from KP. you're out west right?

Erin said...

Very funny, great post.

Lisa said...

Hahahaha! And WTH is up with asking you assessment Qs without telling you? Argh!

sheree said...


Andrea said...

I needed that laugh!

Lacia said...

LOL! Too funny!

And really? She's almost 3 already? Tell her to slow down on growing up a bit K.

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Oh I just hate that too. Once when Sarah was in the hospital a social worker came to the room(now keep in mind by training I am a social wrker) She asked me how my job was going so I told her. Later I read her notes in Sarah's file: "mother not emoting or engaging with daughter - focusing only on her job" I was livid. Ever since I have almost always asked right after the hello, is your line of questioning for a formal evaluation or are we just chitty chatting.

BTW that's what my hair looks like in the morning too:)

Tara said...

Hilarious! Love the hair pic! :)

PrincessKCRoo said...

Look at all that hair! It's beautiful...brushed or not ;-)

Wendy P said...

After watching you comb all of that gorgeous hair while sitting on my couch, I swore I'd never complain about the 2 minutes it takes to comb tangles out of Kira's hair again. And I haven't.

Carrie said...

HAHAHA!! I needed that laugh this morning! Thanks.

Brandie said...

Perfect! A Service blocker is exactly what we got when my dd transitioned last month!