Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hear ye, hear ye

Ok, so remember that photo shoot?

Well, the book production is coming right along and if you'd like one, here's the info:

Pre-order your signed copy for a special price of $19.95 (regular price $29.95)‏.

All profits from sales of this book on this website will be donated to organizations which support all aspects of the Down syndrome community. From sales on this site, The Other Person is You{foundation} will donate a minimum of $5.00 per book. A list has been compiled on the website to select from which will allow you to direct money from your book purchase directly to the organization you support. Please enter the organization to which you would like to direct your support when making the purchase on the website.

Here is the link: I'm Down with You

The more pre-orders, the lower the cost of printing, and the more money that can be donated with each book purchased. Pre-orders will also help with funding the continued effort of creating the documentary.

I'm Down with You
will ship in August.

And yes, it looks like Playette will be featured. WOOT!