Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I think about this blog a lot.

I look at the pictures I've yet to upload from the camera and think about how, when I took them, I planned to share them here and have them illustrate precious stories.

I review the drafts that sit in my folder, lacking the one or many details that keep me from clicking the orange "Publish" button.

But, you know?

It's just one of those days.

And it's been that way for a while.

Not bad, really. Just stressful and confusing and tiring and sick and anxious and owing instead of being refunded

It's really not easy, is it?

This whole being a grown-up thing.

I know that I'm fortunate. I hate to complain.

No. Wait. Not true.

I think I'm ok with complaining. I just don't like when people tell me that I shouldn't.

So, not today, ok?

Maybe tomorrow.


Wendy P said...

(((Chrystal))) The grown-up stuff can really suck sometimes. Makes my eye twitch.

Kelly said...

Sorry your having a rough day:( These days have kicked all our butts at one time or another. You are not alone. But when that dark cloud passes, it will make way for sunnier days! And we will all be waiting:) Keep your head up! Chrystal, we have a little something for you over at our blog (hopefully it will nudge that dark cloud)!! Visit us when you get a chance!!

Kelli said...

Isn't that the point to venting complaining and letting it all off your chest so the load feels a little bit lighter? We all have those days and we should be allowed to complain...just hoping for brighter days in your future! HUGS! We understand :)

Andrea said...

Feel it, it's OK to!......we all have those days! Thinking of you. PS I would love to read all those post you have in your drafts :)!

Melissa said...

I think about my blog a lot too...I write tons of posts in my head, my the procrastinator in me keep a lot of them in my head.