Friday, September 4, 2009


That's my kid.

BD took her to the Ped's office this morning.

I gave him the following list of things to discuss:

  • Red, itchy eyes (is it pink eye?)
  • Over-eye injury (I swear it took me two full minutes to come up with a word other than "boo-boo")
  • Rash on face
  • Low grade fever (per the daycare yesterday)
  • Random bouts of non-walking (yes, again)
  • Strange poop with stuff in it (ick, little green styrofoam-ish pellets. What was that?)

Ped's answers:

1. Not pink eye. More like allergies.

2. Good luck keeping a bandaid on it. Keep it clean with soap and water and stop letting your kid dangle off the bed.

3. Looks like eczema. Keep it moisturized.

4. That wasn't a real fever.

5. Keep an eye on her. If it continues or if she seems like she's in pain, bring her back.

6. It's nothing, otherwise she would have been sick and her body would be trying to get rid of it via diarrhea, vomit, or whatever. (So that's a "no" on the larvae then?)

#6 reminds me of this show I saw the other day about kids swallowing weird stuff called "Your Kid Ate What?". In the episode I saw, somehow this little boy swallowed a battery and it got all corroded in his intestine and the doctors ended up getting it out my putting a string thingee down his throat, looping around the battery, and pulling it out.


I am so not ready for that kind of thing.

Please tell me that every kid doesn't try to shove metal objects down their throat.


ashleypmo said...

Too funny! They will really keep you on your toes, won't they? I've had 4 kids, and the green pellets in the poop has me stumped. Although The Hubby did call to me once across the house bcuz he needed help changing a diaper. "Is it poop?" I asked. "No." Hmm..."Pee?" "No." "What the heck is it?" "Something else." Really? Bcuz there are really only two choices. Turns out the diaper had burst, and it was the silicone pellets leaking everywhere. He'd never seen it, and he thought it was coming out of Mason. I could have had some fun with that one...ah, an opportunity lost....

sheree said...

omg, this cracks me up. I love how, we as mom's, totally examine poo. So gross.

Glad she is doing well though!

Michelle said...

My cousin's daughter ate a penny, and it got lodged in her throat. They had to send her to the bigger hospital an hour away ... and gave Mom directions on how to do CPR "in case the penny flips and closes her airway."

WHAT!? Needless to say ... they got an ambulance to transport her and they had to put her under to get the penny out.

It's in a jar now - the $4,000 penny.