Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Visiting

Over Labor Day weekend, we decided to up and get away for a little while so we headed down to San Luis Obispo.

Playette was so ready to go somewhere new.

We stayed at a hotel near the natural hot water mineral springs. In some rooms, they even pipe that water through to a spa on your back porch. You know we opted for that, right?

A few miles down the road is the cutest beach, complete with a really nice playground for the kiddos.

There are actually swings right on the sand too. It wasn't too crowded for a holiday weekend and it was warmer than home so I was loving it.

Mama's Little Poser

Playette enjoyed sitting on the blanket and eating snacks (her new favorite), which was great because it gave BD and I the opportunity to relax for a bit.

What I didn't notice at first, though, was that she was dipping the veggie straws before she ate them.

First, how horrible is it that she thinks every food needs to be dipped in something?

And, second, wha? Dipping?!

Caught, sand-handed.

Another great thing about being down there was that it gave us the opportunity to spend some time with another family. I mentioned in my post about the NDSC Conference (I swear, I'll finish up my thoughts on that sometime soon) that we had lunch with a lady (and her husband) that I met via this blog. We've kept in touch via email and phone for months and I was looking forward to finally meeting their children. As it turns out, they live not too far away from where we were and were kind enough to drive up and meet us on Sunday.

We ended up meeting back at Avila Beach, where we let the kids play. After a while, we packed up and went into town for lunch.

We were quite the crew, but CPK was glad to accomodate us. Did you know that they give out Goldfish for the kiddos? I had no idea. Does every place do that? I'll have to file that away for later because there's nothing like a quick, familiar snack to tame a hungry little one while you're waiting for the food to come.

Here's a group shot, minus the camera shy dads. From left to right, there's me cheesin', then N, B, Mama A, K, J, and Playette giving me the "I am not claiming you" look. Aren't their girls gorgeous?!

After we ate, we walked over to the mission plaza, before stopping for ice cream, an empty cone (K didn't know what she was missing!), and a chocolate/M&M covered marshmallow. I called myself being good by not indulging and then totally stopped for gelato on the way home. Boo.

Before we said our goodbyes, we tried for another group shot. I love this one because it's just so totally random with everyone looking in different directions and little B trying to hide while K plots to rip out my earring again, some more. (I was ready for her though. Playette does the same thing so I've pretty much resorted to wearing what are essentially break-away hoops.)

I hope that we'll all be able to get together again soon. Playette loves being around other kids. I tried to convince BD that four really isn't that many children, really, and it sure does appear to keep things interesting, but, well, he's not hearing it.



Molly said...

they give goldfish out? i've never gotten goldfish! I guess I'm a legit grownup now... :-(

I looooove CPK

and playette eating sand? too cute, but EW! that can't have tasted good

Fatimah said...

OMG, I laughed so hard. I was not ready for the dipping sauce to be sand. That was too funny! Hey there is nothing wrong with a lil dippin sauce! LOL!

Fatimah said...

Oh and french fries does not count as veggie sticks. Ha-Ha just kidding.

Michelle said...

How great that you were able to get away for the weekend and meet up with a blogger friend!

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