Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh, and about that eye...

Yeah, that's the "over eye injury" I mentioned last week.

Ugly, huh? And that picture was taken about 30 or so hours after it happened.

Playette is usually pretty good about getting herself down from places. FNPT taught her to turn around, butt first, and crawl backwards down stairs.

She uses that same logic with our bed. She turns around, butt first, dangles, and drops the remaining few inches.

Well, unless she changes her mind mid-dangle.

She does that sometimes.

And, typically, all that means is that she lands on her bottom.

Not this time.

This time, somehow, her head went forward and she knocked it into the side of the bed frame on the way down. It was horrible to watch. I never thought that would happen. Playette gives off this air of invincibility - she falls, she gets back up - and we're never, until now, had a real injury with her.

So, yeah, she was upset and so were we.

You'd never know it now though. She's as good as new.