Thursday, September 3, 2009


Last Saturday, BD took off to the Big City to see a baseball game with his friends so Playette and I took that opportunity to spend some time with FNPT. She's become a very good friend to us and I'm so glad for that. In the midst of all the crappy stuff going on with services, especially in CA, at one time or another, it's nice to have someone consistent and competent that cares for our Littlest involved in her development.

So our plan was to go to this café that has a great view of the water, but I seem to have bad luck with this place in that it's always closed when I go. This time was no exception.

After a little bit of chatting about our options, we decided to try out a place we had both heard about that serves a combination of Thai and Hawaiian food.

Playette fell in love with kalua pig when were were on vacation not long ago, so I was hoping that they'd have some and that she'd eat becauseI'mtiredofforcinghertoeatalready.


We were successful in our quest, which was amazing. Everyone enjoyed their food, Playette included.

Yes, she still has just four teeth.

In case you were wondering what it looked like all chewed up.


heather said...

That is quite a big serving for such a cute, little thing!:)

Cate said...

look at her go! and using the fork and everything. Who needs teeth?

(Thanks for the link, btw, because I was thinking, Kahlua pig? That sounds awful.)

sheree said...

haha! Well, I am glad she approved!

Michelle said...

I love how she uses utensils! I wish Ruby would. I also wish she'd stop throwing food.

Rubes got a whole slew of teeth this summer! Maybe M's are on the way!?