Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I've talked about Playette and her first experience flying a kite, but I'd like to share some other photos from that day as well.

Though us mamas have chatted online for years now, the girls were just getting to know one another. They played on the beach, ate snacks, and bonded in their two-year-old way.

There's something about this picture that I really like.

Playette enjoying the sand. She's not very sure of her footing when she stands in it and tends to get a little nervous. Also, more often than I would prefer, it goes right into her mouth. She's still all about the exploring of things that way.


Mamas with the girls.
(I look like I just rolled out the bed. Yeesh.)

I'll share about another visit with friends tomorrow...


Brooke said...

I'm always reading and never post. So here goes....YAY!!!!!! How fun and I'm so jealous! What a fun day and how wonderful to get to actually meet up:)

Evelyn Parham said...

I love the photos. Treasured moments.

They are having such a great time. I wish I lived near a beach.

Take care!

AZ Chapman said...

looks like fun

Wendy P said...

Looks like good day! And you look adorable.