Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Box of Awesome

Pretty unassuming, eh?

It was waiting for me when I got home from the Parent Support Group meeting last night.

Aw, yeah.

When I opened it up, I couldn't help but think of Marsellus Wallace's briefcase. It was that good.

I wish I could show you the contents' golden glow. Trust me, it's there.

So, remember a few weeks ago when I was walking the streets, looking for the perfect straw cup and then that lady promised to send me some?

By now, I'm sure you realize that she actually came through.


There are 10 assorted, well-traveled cups. (The box came from Canada.)

I looked over each one, hardly recognizing the names of the restaurants for which they were created.

This one though? This one here is my favorite.


Wendy P said...

oh my little magnifique!!!

I was wondering if you'd rec'd this yet - so cool!!!

sheree said...

"petit poulet"

I love it!! What an awesome stranger you found :)

Sonia said...

hahaha...chicken little! BTW, have I already mention that my friends here in Fairfield befriended you and BD at the conference? They have a little girl name Leilani, same age as your Playette! I told them to stop stalking my friends! Anyways, they are the two really tall people, but super great!

Christina M said...

It is so nice to know that there are genuinely nice people in the world too!

About the pants, Vince Oshkosh jeans has the rubber thing on the inside that you can adjust to make it smaller in the waist. Do you have H&M where you live? They also have it in all their pants.
Otherwise, order online (from H&M i mean).

Christina M said...

Oh and I LOVE the kite flying pics, she is getting so big!

Michelle said...

Oh! Petit Poulet - how funny! Those cups must be some kind of awesome!

Lacia said...

Wow...something was made somewhere other than China?? North American even? REMARKABLE! LOL.

I have never seen those cups here. I wonder which restaurants carried them.

Michelle said...

That is a box of awsome! Thank goodness nice customer service lady came through on her offer to send cups!

Lacia said...

HEY!! Guess what!! The kids and I went out for dinner last night (we NEVER go out to eat) and guess what came with the kids meals??? You guessed it, these very same cups!!! I was so excited!! LOL. Anyways, we were at Mongolian Grill, so not sure if you have them there, but that may trigger some memory for you. So it wasn't at a "fast food" place, it was at a restaurant.