Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm still around, just trying to get back on track after a long weekend. Of course I'll be sharing about it when I get some time, but for now...bullets.

  • My good friend, RJ, came to visit from the Netherlands. What a well-needed time that was! She introduced me to BD about 4+ years ago and now look at us. I am so grateful for her friendship and mad matchmaking skillz. She met Playette for the very first time and they really enjoyed one another.

  • I hosted a Mom's OverNight Out and was glad to have ladies from both the Ds support group in which I participate and the Easter Seals group that includes parents of kids with varying diagnoses. We had a great time and I am so grateful to Wellsphere for their grant that allowed for little extras that helped make the event a success.

  • Playette is sick. Ugh. She's doing better today than she was yesterday, but still quite under the weather. That cough! It sounds downright painful.

After indulging in cake(s) and cookies and breads and dips and pasta and biscuits with gravy and my fair share of Electric Lemonade and much, much more, I can only hope that I can survive tonight's torture kickboxing class.

If I don't post tomorrow, you'll know why.