Thursday, May 7, 2009

Walking Backwards, Upside Down

That's how I've been feeling lately. Like, Silly Sally in Playette's favorite book of the moment.

I've been spending way too much time trying to put my goals for my daughter into items that are measurable and attainable, realistic and specific. I have the sick feeling that by the time we're done with this IFSP, it will be time for the mid-year review.

The good news is that I finally submitted my input today. I'm so glad that's no longer hanging over my head. It feels kinda like finishing finals. While knowing that you only get a short break before the madness starts all over again, it doesn't keep you from appreciating being done.

Living in my IFSP-consumed world, I didn't post about when I took Playette to a local "Mommy and Me" type class. At least that's what I think those are called. I've mentioned it before, about how I've been trying to get back so that I could spend so quality time with the Littlest, singing goofy songs and seeing her interact with her peers.

Well, it was great. I wasn't sure if I'd still feel that way after a year of not going. Also, this was a new group of folks. I'd have to explain things. I was honestly scared when the first little boy I was introduced to was Playette's exact age. He was like 6'2, 220 lbs. I mean, this kid was huge compared to my little munchkin.

But I took it all in stride. I really was o-k. And that felt good.

The instructor, who also happens to be the lady we work with in the Parents as Teachers program, reassured me that not everyone is what they seem. Some people are facing issues that don't happen to be written on their faces. And, of course, she was right. It wasn't long after that conversation that I met a woman with twin girls, one of whom has B-W syndrome. The girls were born premature and they were not yet walking at a few months younger than Playette. I could see that mom was checking Playette out, so I quickly let her know that my girl is 22 months and has been walking just 6-8 weeks. We've since talked on the phone and have had the opportunity to exchange diagnosis info. Cause that's how we roll.

I went to WIC last Friday and got some tips for pumping the calories into Playette, in addition to a denial letter for services. This is a good thing since the Regional Center requested this - and a prescription from the Ped - in order to provide us some assistance with buying PediaSure. The lady there also connected me with someone who works with Medi-Cal, so in a few minutes, I'll leave here and go chat with that lady about what needs to be done for Playette to qualify. From what I've been told, we first have to be denied (I'm sensing a bureaucratic trend here) and then can counter that Playette, on her own, qualifies for a waiver under Institutional Deeming. I don't even really remember what that means anymore. It's in my head that they'll use that justification to say that the state is actually saving money on her because we kept her home and not in an institution. If I'm wrong about that, please correct me. I'm tired.

So, while I hope we never need Medi-Cal, I'd like to have it in place for the just-in-case factor of it all. It would feel good to scratch something off my list.

I'll come back either later this evening or tomorrow morning and give you the answer to Ye Olde Dishwasher Dilemma. If anyone wants to change their answer, go ahead. I'll take the most recent comment as your final answer. Plus, the more details, the better. If you can figure it out, you deserve coffee on me.

BTW, I went into Starbucks today to get the gift card. While I was there, I got sucked in and ordered a tall, non-fat Caramel Macchiato. I was so proud of myself for using the lingo. Until I realized that what I really wanted was a Frappucino.

I hereby request that they change the names to "hot coffee" and "that slurpee coffee."

Those names I can handle.


sheree said...

oh, you kill me :) Love the new starbucks lingo.

Glad you and the littlest got out and about and had some fun-time together. And hey- you made a new friend out of it...AWESOME!

I'll call you tomorrow ;)