Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Heads Up

I don't really have access to email right now. So, if you're trying to reach me and I seem non-responsive, that's why. I got the bright idea to come to the library on my lunch break and see if I could do it from here and I can.

Please bear with me as I try to catch up on correspondence.

Today is another beautiful day in? on Long Island. For all of my independently wealthy multi-millionaire friends hahahahahahaha, I highly recommend the real estate here. Kings Point is absolutely gorgeous and I can't even get over it right now.

That last statement has me feeling like such an old lady. I really sound like one, don't I?

Anyway, so I not only don't have access to hotmail, but I also lost the computer I was using in the office since the guy whose desk I had for the last two days decided to come back from vacation. Boo on him. For realz.

I received a ridiculously tedious task today that may very well take me until the day I leave to complete. But that's why I'm here, right? So help I shall. I really can't complain except about how uncomfortable my uniform is, except that's no one's fault but my own. And maybe Playette's. And BD's. And my former job's. And any other entity I can pass the buck to.

Oh! On that note, I tried a Zumba class at the gym last night. hahahahahahaha It was kinda fun and the time went fast, which is a great combination, but did I ever feel uncoordinated?! I might give it another try tonight since I have a 1 week pass to the gym across the street from my hotel.

Lemme know if you have done/currently take Zumba classes. Do you like it? Does it get easier?

One last thing. Today as I was sitting with my tedious task, one of the younger reservists that's also here came in to ask the admin assistant a question. He prefaced it by saying, "We must be r*tarded, but..." Ugh. Ok. What to do? He was talking about stamping some envelopes and clearly meant that it was a task that anyone should be able to do and he couldn't. So I said, "I'm sure a r*tarded person could do that." He just looked at me with the "huh?" look so I elaborated. It took me a minute to decide if I should or not, but I did. It's still so very uncomfortable for me to do so, but I didn't want him to walk away thinking that I was calling him dumb because he couldn't get the stamp to work and I knew it was quite possible that would be what he received from my statement. I told him that my daughter is developmentally disabled and I find that term offensive. He didn't say anything back and I was a little shaky after I did it. But I did it. So there. Gold star and all that.

And then another guy, a former classmate of mine, came in and was telling me how his 3 month old is 18 lbs. Good grief. I'm not sad about that or anything. It's just a comparison that I'm dealing right now with since he's almost the same size as Playette at almost 2 years old.


Jen said...

Good for you for speaking up. Boo to him for not responding back (and for saying it in the first place!).

Also, an 18 pound three-month-old? Seriously?

Michelle said...

Gold Star for you! I agree! That takes guts!!

And really? 18 pounds at 3 months!?! Ruby is now 22 pounds at 2 years - and she's got nice chubby little limbs & a gut. Wow. I hope that 18 lb baby is VERY LONG.

Ann said...

Gold star for you and what's wrong with a giant baby (she asked nervously)? I'm taking the twins in for their 1-year check-up and I know that Caleb is 28 pounds. I'm pretty sure that puts him off the charts and I'm nervous they're going to hand me a Jenny Craig for Babies phamphlet.

Wendy P said...

Go you!!! Good for you for speaking up! Kira's just now 23 lbs at 2 1/2.

Dwight said...

Good job wifey!

Tricia said...

Woo hoo! I am so glad you said something. I will think of you the next time I am feeling wimpy and I will try to do likewise. Good job!

Lisa said...

You did good, mama. It's so hard and uncomfortable, I know.