Friday, May 8, 2009


It's still morning here so I totally made it.

Are you ready?

So the story behind the dishwasher is that my wonderful husband, he who cooks and cleans and is just an all-around MegaDad, seems to miss the fact that we have several silverware/small utensil recepticles in there. As such, if all he has is one of those items to put away, he opens the DW as little as possible, with nary enough space provided to fit his hand in.

And then he drops it.

So sometimes it ends up in the basket, sometimes it doesn't.

And it's always one of the front baskets because the others don't exist to him.

I don't get mad, I just laugh. This is not a battle to pick for me.

Besides, he doesn't even believe that he does it. That's why I took the picture.

The other night, he started talking to me about making him look "bad" in front of so many six? people. I told him no one even knew it was him yet. He then went on to say something about how it was me. HA! HAHAHAHAHA! Me?

On a regular basis, you can find me rearranging the utensil baskets, spreading them out and digging the random forks out of the bottom of the appliance.

It's ok though. I much prefer loading to unloading.

What's your preference?

Lovely Sheree is the winner! Your next slurpee coffee thingee is on me.

I'll be sure to put your prize in the mail before I head out of town.


Wendy P said...

amen on choosing your battles!

Love, Wendy (proud to be one of the six!)

sheree said...

aww BD, don't feel bad! My husband doesn't even know we have a dishwasher in our house. You should feel good about yourself ;)

Woohoo! I am soe excited about my coffee-slurpee thing. Delicious :)

cjweb said...

Loading is much better... I don't like either but loathe emptying!!!!!

datri said...

I have to admit I am completely anal about the way the dishwasher is loaded. I'm constantly rearranging it so it's "right", LOL.