Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spring in NYC

Ok, this is more like it. Warm, sunny. Oh, I love it.

The place where I'm doing my reserve duty this year is actually the same place I went to college. It's kinda surreal knowing that this year's freshmen could probably not even write in cursive the year I graduated. Geez.

I went for a run walk earlier and I was amazed at how beautiful everything is here. I mean, this town. Whoa. It's full of mansions and perfectly manicured lawns, all close to the water. Plus, it's just a short car/train ride into Manhattan. How did I not appreciate this place when I first began to live here 15 years ago?

Well, today, I started appreciating. I went further down the main road than I ever have before. I would ask what I was doing the four years I went to school here that prevented me from venturing two miles away, but I know the answer to that.

I looked at all the houses. I talked to the guys building the new construction. I sang songs that brought both strange looks and thumbs up my way from the drivers and yard workers, respectively.

And when I got to the end of that road, I cried.

I mean, there I was in this beautiful place and the thoughts started to come. Thoughts of all of the other things I've surely taken for granted. Thoughts of being young again and naive enough to believe that I was invincible. That the undesirable things of my past were behind me and that the world was open for me to live out my wildest dreams. I thought of how I did the "right thing" for so long, but it never really made me happy. Oh, man. It got heavy.

But it didn't last long.

It was an itty-bitty pity party.

Sure I've had more than my share of winters, but spring is here today and I'm going to enjoy it.

Over the weekend, I had a great time with BD and Playette. We arrived very early on Saturday morning and were picked up at the airport by a friend who drove us into Manhattan to our hotel at Herald Square. It was a really nice place, new and clean, just like I like 'em. They even let us check in at 7 am, which was an unexpected treat.

Playette was loving riding in her carseat with our new Travelmate. In fact, whenever we would just be hanging out in the room, she'd climb back in it just to sit. We also found out on this trip that she loves cheesecake, courtesy of her Auntie D.

Saturday was a whirlwind. After we woke up from our naps (red eye flight wore us all out), we went to meet with my aunt who had just come into town for the weekend as well. After socializing for a bit, we left my aunt, cousin (the one that hates me, but whatever), and his girlfriend and went to meet Auntie D, who so graciously offered to take the bus in from DC.

Not long after, the group of us headed over to Staten Island on the ferry for a gathering of friends. It was a lot of fun and Playette was the center of attention, which she loved. Everyone was so excited to meet her.

I had such a good time riding the ferry, the subway, and walking. I miss the city, y'all.

On Sunday, we celebrated my second Mother's Day by having lunch with some more friends (I'm laughing because it sounds like we know so many people...and they all live in NYC. Ha!) followed by a trip to Central Park. We met many of the same friends from the previous day at Bethesda Fountain. Again, it's hard to believe that I lived so close to such a place for so long and never went there. I love it now though. It was a great day of listening to music, checking out street performers, eating snacks, taking pictures, people watching, and talking. Playette loved the jazz band best, I think. There were so many pictures taken and I'll surely share some when I can.

That night, BD and I went to the finale party for The Amazing Race while Auntie D enjoyed some alone time with Playette. Yay for the grown-ups! We've been lacking in the "time alone" department lately due to the (hopefully temporary) loss of respite with Ms. J..

It ended up being a very long night for me since I had to report to reserve duty at 8am Monday and still needed to pick up my rental car from the airport and check into my hotel after the party ended, but it all worked out.

I even got to go back into the city for a fantastic dinner last night. If you know Top Chef, it's Harold's restaurant. I still have goosebumps from the desserts and I only had tastes from other people's plates!

BD and Playette are now back in Cali and I'm hoping to make the best out of the time that I have. I could have left work long ago, but I couldn't resist my last day of access to this computer.

And those are my notes.

Countdown to home: 10 days


Jen said...

I was so happy to see you and get to meet your family! And what a beautiful post. I was reading along going awwww and then I got to the end and burst out laughing. Which I really needed right now, so thanks for that!

Tricia said...

wow...you really ARE ajet setter. I am a tad jealous! (or... a LOT!)

Michelle said...

I wish your reserve duty was here in DC, but since it's not - enjoy your time in NY! and I hope the time passes somewhat quickly so you can get back to your family :)

ks_kristi said...

I had no idea you picked KP this year. I can't believe it's been that long. Wow, yea I can't tell you the last time I was there but my last memory is when I came over to ring the bell after license exam. Dino kept the car running (I think it was Dino)! There is a lot to think about from that place and a ton to be grateful for b/c of it. Crazy they both go together.

Be good to yourself over the next 10 days and don't go to far down the rabbit hole.

Miki said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!!! Sounds beautiful there, *le sigh* I kinda miss the up North, east coast thang....