Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nobody's Perfect

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$5 Starbucks gift card goes to the person who leaves the best, most accurate, description of what has taken place in these photos in the comments section.


Jen said...

Obviously, your child has decided to "help" with the dishes. I'd recognize it anywhere. I bet there are a few spoons on the floor, too.

Or, perhaps, BD decided to pitch in???

Can I give two answers? No, really, the first one is my answer. :)

sheree said...

That is definitely the result of a husbands attempt at loading the dishwasher. I've seen it many,many times.

Ann said...

It may be too late to win but I also concur that the hubby did the dishes.

AZ Chapman said...

help with dishes by playate

TUC said...

You were sleepwalking last night and this was the result...?

Just stopping by to say Hi. Visit when you get a moment :-)

Michelle said...

I'd go with Jen - did Malea help with the dishes? That's what it looks like when Ruby helps. Although Ruby's new trick? she licks each clean dish as she helps me unload. EWW! It's so cute, but kinda icky, ya know? She's drooling all the time, so it's big sloppy licks.