Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mucho Stuffs

Happy June, y'all! Lots of new, fun, milestone-y, gut-wrenching stuff going on this month. Yay! and Yay?

We've been running here, there, and everywhere lately. I keep meaning to post more, I swear. But, eh. There's life to be lived. You know how that is, right?

What's good about that is that I have plenty of pics that are backlogged in our camera. And, because I am a giver, I shall share them.

To get started, there was this event recently called "A Day in the Sky" and the deal with that is that they offer rides in teeny, tiny planes to kids with special needs. I've heard that it's fun and anything the kids enjoy, I'm all for.

But, personally? You couldn't pay me enough to get in one of those things. It would be the opposite of fun for all involved.

So, surrounding the flights, there's a carnival type atmosphere. Food, drinks, cotton candy, petting zoo, clown, music, info booths, etc. This year, though, there were no itty-bitty plane rides. It wasn't me, I swear. I heard a rumor that hot air balloons were substituted (also not on my bucket list), but those weren't going on when we arrived.

No matter to us. It was a beautiful day out, so we let Playette roam and explore. It's always nice to be amongst peeps. Fewer stares and crazy questions and all that.

I call this one "Aww, I Think She Likes Us."

Watching the performers.

A new toy and then...a mission.

Shoes and socks are for suckas, apparently.

When we got home, it was actually nice weather-wise where we live, so I decided to offer Playette a snack on the patio. That sounds so snooty that it's comical. We rarely (as in never) use the outdoor spaces in our home and I'm starting to realize that we won't be here forever and we need to get to soaking everything up a little more.

Mission #2

I guess she was done snacking. Hmph. You would think she'd appreciate my berry cutting skills a little bit more. Shoot, I was proud of that work.

On to a game. We must have sat out there for 10 minutes, playing "Show Me..." First, it was body parts and then we moved on to sign language. Sometimes, she's not up for performing, which I totally get, but when it's just us, one-on-one, she really gives it up. Here are some of my faves:


We had part one of our first IEP meeting yesterday and, in it, we discussed Playette's strengths. One of the things that was listed is that she loves to share her knowledge. She really wants people to know that she knows things. Looking back at these pictures, right now, is a huge reminder of that for me.

She's already breaking down barriers and I cannot tell you how proud that makes us. You know, it's one thing for us to tell people what she can do and to know that others are probably taking our responses to their questons with a heaping pile of salt, but when they see it for themselves? When they realize that they can't underestimate our daughter or any other child based simply on a diagnosis? You can't help but feel vindicated.

With a side of nanny nanny boo boo.

Because I'm that mature.

And, in so many ways, we've only just begun.


AZ Chapman said...

nice pics crystal btw where are u moveing to

Monica Crumley said...

She's such a cutie pie!!! I love it, too, when our kids help people up their expectations.

Kacey Bode said...

Oh my goodness, she is SOOOO cute! I too love it when my daughter shows off her skills!!

Cate said...

who is that giant child?????

she is awesome. I love the showoff, I really do. we have it here too.

sheree said...

Malea is just too cute. And I ARE for suckas!

Also, we would love to come eat snacks on your patio very soon ;)

Lisa said...

I think Sheridan is in the same shoe club as M.

Stacey K said...

She is so darn cute!

Andrea said...

She is so always! Loved your words, you just make me giggle! :)

Brooke Z said...

I love the photos SO much. I know you took many more than you shared, and I just love the idea of pretty girl showing off for mommy:)

Michelle said...

breaking down barriers indeed! Looks like it was a gorgeous day filled with nothing but fun!