Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Little Celebratory Therapy

On Thursday, I brought cupcakes to daycare for Playette's class.

No, wait.

Actually, what I brought was a box of cake mix and some frosting from the pantry.

Well, no, not quite.

I put that stuff on the counter and BD took it in when he dropped Playette off that morning.

Yay, me!

So as not to ruin my bid for Mother of the Year, we're not allowed to take in homemade items. We can only bring in pre-packaged things and then everything gets made at the daycare. Something about protection from allergies. Which is totally ok with me because they use that as an opportunity to have the kids participate. And it's So Stinkin' Cute. Check out how awesome they make cupcake making sound.

You totally want to make that an IEP goal now, don't you?

I went up to the daycare at snack time and got to see it all unfold. When I left, the teacher handed me this poster. Much appreciated.

The funniest part, well aside from being tagged by one of the teachers as being a kid stalker and being chased down by the director before she realized it was me because I was walking around the courtyard in my work clothes with a camera around my neck while waiting for the cupcakes to be ready, was seeing how they plated the treats for the kids. Everyone got a cupcake...aaaaand a spoonful of icing.

Awesome. They are totally on to something with that.

(Un)fortunately, I had to head back to work and Playette stayed behind a little while longer. Fourteen 2-3 year-olds on spoonfuls of frosting?

Bless them.

And ha!


sheree said...

very cool! I think having the kids cook is an AWESOME much learning can take place in the kitchen ;)


Lisa said...

Totally. Rad.