Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Version of Sleeping with the Fishes

One day when BD and I were hanging out on the couch (as we are prone to do), we started checking into ways that would could spruce up Playette's room a little. BD said that it seemed a little too shrine-like for his taste. I admit, I'm no decorator, so my whole "Just put up tons of pics of the kid" theme may have gotten a little tired.

So, I took down a few big baby pictures and, instead, we opted for vinyl wall art. We started there because we love the quote that my friend M made for us before Playette was even born and the Littlest adores her numbers and letters that have been placed on the windows courtesy of Miss Tricia. Those were both easy to put up and we like easy.

BD and I discussed the fact that we'll be moving sooner than later and how whatever we put on the walls may not survive being taken down and we figured that a little decoration now was worth the risk.

Playette seems to have a thing for all things ocean-related, so we continued that trend.

We weren't worried about the sharks being scary because she has no concept yet that they should be. That's what's great about kids. They have no idea until someone tells them, so sharks with sharp teeth? Totally cool.

Plus, she loves a version of this song, so having a shark to point to really helps her to visualize.

It ended up being a fun little family activity.

By the way, I swear I participated. I fought with that sea turtle for a good long time. It just didn't make the camera.

Blank wall getting prepped

I find it hilarious that he reads instructions. I guess one of us should, right?

We had the music on so Playette was partying

BD works on the green sea turtle. This one is also helpful because of the link to Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?

Reading a book once all was done

View by the crib (yes, we're holding off on the bed transition for now)

Lurking sharks


Lacia said...

VERY cool!! I'm really really REALLY impressed he reads instructions. My DH won't have anything to do with them! LOL.

Lisa said...

Hahahaha... I love that BD reads the instructions (I'm the instruction reader in my family). I love the letters/sea turtle!

Wendy P said...

So cute! ("prone" to do - snort!)

ds.mama said...

Awesome, though I am a big chicken and wouldn't want to close my eyes with all those creatures waiting to eat me, lol.

Mindy said...

Love love love it :) All the fun sea life really dresses up your fun ocean quote. Ps: When you move, I'm more than happy to do again for you... & now I have removeable vinyl that they didn't offer oh... the 3 years back ;)

Barb said...

My husband throws the instructions over his shoulder...macho..and then when there are missing pieces we get to dig through the trash to find that little tiny screw that was taped to the instructions LOL
Look the new room!!! What a lucky little girl!!!

Michelle Z said...

CUTE! Love that the sharks are lurking behind the door!