Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last weekend, BD and I had the amazing opportunity to get some extended alone time. There's a beach around here that we've recently grown to love, so that's where we went. We had a great dinner and stayed the night in a B&B. In the morning, they brought our breakfast to the room and then we gathered our belongings and walked the shops before settling in our chairs by the water for some reading time. After, we had a great lunch and then made our way home to Playette. Even typing it out feels nice. It's important for me to take the time to acknowledge how fortunate and appreciative we are to be able to do something like that. It's one of those occasions that reminds me why we started this partnership in the first place.

Our get-away took me back to the first time we went to that same beach, about seven weeks ago, that time with Playette in tow. It was another beautiful spring day and it was during that trip that we named that patch of sand and surf our new favorite spot. It's warmer than where we live by about 10 degrees (yay!) and it's small enough that it's never uber crowded when we're there. Plus, there are great little restaurants and stores and a pier with live music and the cutest little beach houses and it's just...nice. At about 40 minutes away, it's perfect for a "staycation."

Cracking up while taking some sips.

I attempted self-portraits, but she couldn't have cared less about playing along.

She was way interested in BD reading to her though. Love these pics, especially the "Oh, no!" face.

Here, we are lucky enough to witness the Ancient Sand Throwing Ceremony.

Little Butt



Peaches323 said...

Loves It!!!

Lisa said...

Those pictures are priceless. Oh my word, are they priceless.

ks_kristi said...

Wow! She is growing up so fast:) Love all her facial expressions with BD and you.

Anonymous said...

Are you in Southern California? Where is your beach, if you don't mind telling? We will be in So.Cal. for two weeks in the middle of July and I promise we won't take up too much room. You can e-mail me at sophiek1842@yahoo.com if you don't want to put the info on the blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Love it! And you are hot :)
So wish we had a beach.Or a lake or an ocean. Land locked countries suck.