Sunday, July 8, 2012

And So It Begins...Again

I think I may post this every week, on the weekend, just to help hold myself accountable.

Also, who knows, maybe it will help someone else to see what I'm doing?

Or you can just skip these. That works, too.

Week of 7/9

  • Monday: 30 Day Shred, Level 1
  • Tuesday: C25K, Week 5/Day 1
  • Wednesday: 30 Day Shred, Level 1
  • Thursday: C25K, Week 5/Day 2
  • Friday: 30 Day Shred, Level 1
  • Saturday: Rest
  • Sunday: C25K, Week 5/Day 3

I'm starting my weeks on Mondays for now since it corresponds well with my weekly weigh-ins (I'm back on Weight Watchers and have a few more post-pregnancy no-cost weeks since I'm a Lifetime member) and my weekend long runs (when I get to that point, natch).

In case you were wondering why I'm starting with Week 5 of Couch25K, it's simple. 

Because I have to.

In order to complete the 15K training plan for the Army 10-Miler that I'll be running in October, I need to start it the week of August 13. That gives me five available weeks to prepare to start. Pretty humbling considering that I was in the best shape of my life when I got pregnant, but necessary. I'm not trying to get hurt. Also, slowing down and following the process is a lesson I still need to learn. I'm forever jumping out too fast and getting frustrated. 

A few weeks ago, I did run a few times, and I got up to two miles, which is what I need to do for Week 1 of the 15K plan, but it was hard and slow. I also have to factor in this crazy weather and the fact that I'm pushing a stroller with a moose-eating baby in it (Holly, who told you?!). Taking my time getting to the longer outdoor sessions is probably ideal.

So, knowing that it's possible for me to start the training now, but forcing myself to run/walk for about a month sounds like a good plan.


So, when I started the 30 Day Shred this past week, I realized that I needed weights. I was pretty sure that I bought some last year, but it took me some time to remember where they were. For a while, one of them held the office door open, but no more. They had been promoted:

I know you're jealous of my snazzy bookends.

Once located, I used them twice. Turns out that 10 lbs is way too heavy for me now. So I went and bought some 5s and things seem to be going much better. As a matter of fact, if I plan to stick to this newly created schedule of mine, I need to get one more workout in today. Like, in the next two hours and twenty minutes. The baby just fell asleep, so I better hurry.** 

To clarify, my 30 Day Shred experience will take me 30 days, but not 30 days in a row. Ten days at each level, three days a week.

Ok, I think I've hit everything.

Whoops. Nope. One more thing.

Thank you so much to those that commented on my recent post and IRL about how I'm being too hard on myself and how our sense of realistic childbirth recovery is being totally skewed by what we see celebrities do. I completely agree with you. 

And also? Sleep. Yup. Not getting much. 

Free Membership to My Comments Section offer has been extended. So tell me about your plan. Do you even want to work out? Hate it? Love it? Entertain me and give me something to read during my nighttime feedings.

** I did it! -- 10:32pm

And Khrys! Thank you for the reminder! I'm on MyFitnessPal as well. It worked for me last year and I just started up again the other day. I will keep doing WW (really, I like the meetings) because I don't (usually) pay, but I actually prefer tracking under the MFP app.


Khrys said...

I don't really have a "schedule", but here goes. I always run on Sunday mornings. Ran 4 walked 2 this morning. I do Turbo Jam (the cardio sessions) about 3x/week, the Turbo Jam strength sessions 2x/week, and one day always ends up being a rest day. When the weather cools down I'll start running in the evenings again, but for now I'm enjoying doing TJ in the AC. It's a really great calorie burner, and most importantly, it's fun! I'm also old and creaky, so I have a few short yoga sessions that I tack on a few times a week. I really just listen to my body and kind of do what feels right for the day. BONUS - the weighted gloves when used with TJ make you feel like a total badass. I'm going to graduate to Turbo Fire eventually, maybe after the first of the year if not sooner. I feel crappy physically when I'm not active, so that's a lot of my motivation. That and the muscle tone/weight loss. *whew* That was a lot of workout talk! (And I still want to try Crossfit but am kinda chicken.)

Khrys said...

Oh, and for awhile I was working out like a fiend and not losing, so I decided to do the old fashioned calorie counting and now am losing about 1.5 pounds a week. I use My Fitness Pal, which is I think is similar to what WW wants you to track but it's free. A few TARFlies are on there as well so it's kinda like we have our own social network just to cheer each other on and discuss diet and fitness.

Cate said...

I know I am the laziest person alive and it would probably do me some good to set a goal, but I gotta say, you don't HAVE to do a 10-miler in October. It's not, like, a law or anything.
Just sayin'. Go easy on yourself.
And now I will commence thinking about what kinds of exercise I should do. I went to a pool today and I went down the water slide four times, does that count for anything?

krlr said...

Um, running... Right! I should get off the computer & go do some of that since everyone is napping. Or I could catch up here. Decisions!

Seriously though, if I don't do it every other day than it gets exponentially harder. But I'm at 3 miles.
Keep up!

Alison said...

I'm at 3 miles, and I'm happy staying there. I try to do 3 miles 3-4 times a week. But I started this last year, when my child was three years old, NOT when she was a few months old.