Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Like a Moth to a Flame

My child's clothing seem to be drawn to the toilet bowl.

She sits there, does her business, and then decides to strip down.

I'd be ok with it if she didn't decide to send the clothing swimming afterward.

Except yesterday when she sat there, did her business, took of her pants, stuffed them in, and then did more business on top. Like a cherry.

That instance deserved three WOOCHILEs and one PRIMAL SCREAM.

Yeah, I think I'll start rating my frustration. Maybe that will make it more like a game? And then it'll become fun instead of stress-inducing?



Ok, so this whole Time Out thing...

Have they come up with something new yet? I never got Time Outs as a kid. I got my a$$ beat. So, I'm really trying to break tradition here. But Playette seems to have this Time Out thing all figured out. She has no problem sitting on the step(I've seen a whopping 3 episodes of Super Nanny and this is what I took away from it). She waits it out (sometimes she tries to entertain herself), and when I come back to her she waits for me to come down to her level and talk (blah blah blah), she says ok when I ask her not to do whatever again, then says and signs sorry, and gives me a hug while patting my back and asking me if I'm ok.

It kinda feels like I'm the one who was on Time Out.

Wait. Is that the point?


jesshaydel said...

hahha im right there with you. when i was younger. i got spankings, there was no time out. we just listented to our parents and if we didnt than a spanking we got.

Skylar LOVES time out, she sits there laughing, she wont move if i ask her not to, shell play with the wall or hold a conversation with herself. I than tell her we cant do that and she says ok sorry, and were back where we started.. hhahaha

Im so sorry about the potty training hahaha, but atleast shes going :) i couldnt imagine the mess that is though. yuck. were still waitig on the day SKy wants to use the big girl potty. Sometimes I say to myself she wont be 13 and still in a diaper than I think. Hell, maybe she will be hahahha

Michelle Z said...

In the past few months, Ruby has flushed Lily's MP3 player, a giant plastic but, and her TOOTHBRUSH. I can't tell you how many sippy cups & articles of clothing I've fished out :(


Michelle Z said...

or, that COULD be a giant plastic bug. Not but.

!?!?! dang typos...

Sara said...

That is the only thing I took away from that damn super nanny too. Our experience is different because D HATES timeout and I am literally carrying him kicking and screaming or pushing him down the hall while he tries to dig his heels in. BUT, does that mean he is a better listener? Does that mean he picks up his toys when I ask a billion times? NO! Although, I'm not sure if spanking works either - we got spanked for really bad things.

I'm thinking that we need to hone in on a favorite toy and have toy-timeout. That works pretty good here. Or for the toys thing, we have a bag that will go to donation if things are not picked up when asked.

Minister of Style said...

Isn't it just he cutest when they rub your back as if to console you? Tatiana rubs my back while hugging me and says baby...hilarious. Time out works for Tati at the sitters, not at home. She is blind and deaf to the words time out at home, so a slight hand tap is sometimes necessary.

Andrea said...

I can't stop laughing! I send my little girls to the stairs too...but I am not sure that is a big enough consequence for them. I usually find them laying on their back with their feet in the air and they say, "can I get up now?" I say "no" thinking that will teach them! :) Is she potty trained???? That is pretty awesome! thinking of you. xoxo