Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Happy, Tears

I was just over at a friend's blog and read something that made me cry. But it was good!

I'm sure that I'm extra-emotional because I miss my kid, but still.

Who couldn't miss their little with BD sending me pics like this before I even got through airport security?!

Way to play dirty, dude. ;-)

I'm on reserve duty for the next week and a half, so BD is holding down the fort at home. We had a conversation this morning about the necessity of tiny, brown leggings and debated the pros and cons of cornrow removal.

Yup, we're parents.

Things have been pretty busy for us lately. I was fortunate to be able to participate in a long-awaited Girls' Weekend in Savannah, GA, which was followed by Spring Break, and then Playette and I road-tripped it to Philadelphia, returning home just in time for me to pack up and fly to DC.

So that's where I am.

Home. Ish.

Strange. I haven't been here in 3.5 years. So many things have changed. It has been great getting to see people and places that I've missed and I'm looking forward to the time I have remaining. The work I'm doing here is good and I'm not in harm's way. I really can't complain.

BD and Playette will be arriving on Friday so that we can spend some family time in the place where we all became a family.


I'd like to thank all of you that helped us to win the photo session! I'm really excited to take pictures with Natalie in May.


Tricia said...

I am SO bummed we haven't been able to figure out a time to meet up. :(

Michelle said...

Oh sure, NOW you have reserve duty in DC, when I'm not there any longer. Also, Savannah is only about 4 hrs from me, why wasn't I invited?! Ha, j/k :) You have been busy - even a road trip to Philly!

I had tears in my eyes, but held back because I wasn't sure if I would be able to explain to Kayla why I was crying. I don't think she would understand 'happy' tears yet. Instead I made a big deal about the letter and how nice and sweet that was of Skyler :)

Michelle said...

Welcome back to DC :) We seem to be in the same places these days. Hope the reserve duty goes well and you have fun with the family.