Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Fight

Do you know about Kirill?

Chances are, if you're a fellow Ds blogger-type, that you do.

If not, here are the basics:

Kirill is a little boy currently living in an orphanage in Russia. He has a family that loves and wants him very much. They went through all of the proper steps to bring him home only to have a judge tell them no in the final moments.

Hear me on this.

After the parents-to-be sat in court for hours, the judge determined them fit to adopt as a family, just not for Kirill.

Because, according to this judge, he's defective.

And he belongs in an institution.

Not with a family.

Read the whole story here.

I've said this for several situations over the past few days and I'll say it again.


So. Of course they're appealing this decision. But it will cost them a ton more than they had originally anticipated. With that in mind, a group of friends set up a way to help raise funds for this specific purpose. It's going amazingly well.

If you're able and interested in helping them reach the ultimate goal, please click here.

Each $10 donated gets you a shot at a long list of prizes. Want a new camera? How about a $500 gift certificate to B&H photo? Always had your eye on a Flip video?

Now might be your time.

There's no pressure and I won't hate anyone that doesn't participate. I just felt compelled to share something that has touched my heart.