Friday, April 1, 2011


You know what makes me even sadder about this situation?

It's that we can fix it.

With money.

Money to pay for my daughter to go to a place that will not only respect her, but also us, as parents.

Everyone doesn't have that option.

And it's not right.

Or fair.

Or decent.

Go ahead and tell me I'm too sensitive.

That I need a thicker skin.

I dare you.


Jen said...

That's unbelievable, and so inappropriate.

Lisa said...

that's exactly what we're doing with Sheridan. and it makes me mad that we have to do this. and even more angry that most families simply don't have this option. yes, I can "force" the district to give us what Sheridan deserves (he does have rights, afterall), but if he doesn't end up with teachers and an administration that are open arms and excited to have him... what will that be like? We haven't closed the door on private education (it would be nice to NOT pay a literal fortune just so he can have a good education), but we are leaving everything on the table. *sigh* You don't need thicker skin, the "system" needs to peel the scales from its eyes.

Roo's Mom said...

It is unfair and it sucks, but we have to do what we have to do to protect our own children while hoping for a better future for all children. Roo is in private (Catholic) school and doesn't get the same amount of services the kids in public school do. But, I won't place her in public school because I know they can't/won't meet her needs given the types of placements we have around here. So we pay tuition and we also pay for private Speech & OT. My husband and I will be eating a lot of Top Ramen when the kids are grown.... (I commented on your last post too.)

Brandie said...

Yeah, we're paying for private pre-k next year. We homeschool and didn't send the older two, so we figure it justifies spending a lot for Goldie to go. Well, at least it makes it a little easier to swallow.

Karly said...

We made the same choice and felt the same sadness/guilt over the fact that others don't have the option to make another choice.

ParkerMama said...

One reason why we homeschool. We don't have the money to solve anything. It all goes to keeping Parker alive.

Tammy and Parker