Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Love them.

Can I just tell you again.


Even with the struggle of trying to obtain the perfect center part on a squiggling, wriggling child...I adore the finished product.

Last year, at the NDSC Conference, I sat in on a session that talked about reading and children with Down syndrome. They mentioned using a tactic that, as I recall, was like creating an A Day in the Life book for your child. They'd see themselves doing certain things and then the words associated with those actions.

I put that on my to-do list.

Last August.

And then a lot of time went by.

I considered a board book, but the prices shocked me a little and I figured I could do it myself.

So then a lot more time went by.

In March, I woke up one day determined to take pictures. "Let's get her waking up," I said, "And then on the potty, and eating breakfast, and getting dressed, and going to school, and in the car, and dancing, and in the tub, and at PT, and...and...and..."

BD just gave me a look. That look. Do you know that look? Maybe you're the person in your house with the big ideas. Or maybe you're the one giving that look. Hmph.


I did take some pictures. Lots of them, actually.

Remember, this was back in March.

It's May, y'all.

I still don't have a book.

This all came back to my mind because Playette's SLP came to me with a little photo album recently. It was filled with some pics she had taken at the daycare. If you flipped through the book horizontally, on the top was the photo and on the page below were blocks describing the actions along with words. Pretty cute, actually, and I appreciated her efforts. For example, with a photo of Playette dancing, it had three blocks. One with Playette's photo and "Playette" underneath, one with a group of cartoony-like people that said "friends" and then the last block had a treble clef and the word "music."

I ended up printing a lot of the pictures I took in March and adding them to the book that the SLP created (go, me!). She, in turn, took the book and my notes on what I thought the blocks could say and updated it. It's a back-and-forth process, sure, but at least it'll be done.

Or, well, sorta done. I still have my idea in my head that I want to follow through on so that it'll be all slick and for real done-done.

But, I mean, I know I'm not exactly known for my quick follow-through and craftiness, so the little photo album will be just fine for now.

So what does all this this have to do with pigtails?

Well, see for yourself:


Jennifer Horner said...

look at the big girl brushing her teeth!!! gettin all grown up too quickly! Are you going to Orlando? We just bought tickets! Hope to see you there!

AZ Chapman said...

too cute

Karly said...

Love the pigtails! That is an awesomely straight part. I need some tips, as I think I would need to duct tape my wiggly girl to achieve such perfection. Also? You did all the hard work for the book already! Just upload the pics to any old photo site. (Shutterfly usually has specials running all the time). Easy peasy and your little will love it. (We did the same kind of thing to create an ABC book. It's a favorite).

sheree said...

That is such a cool idea! I can't wait to see the finished product!

Lisa said...

I love pigtails too! And look at her, brushing her own teeth!

Andrea said...

I can't make a straight part either! but I do love pigtails! You have inspired me....I want to make a book.

Wendy P said...

Cutie girl!!