Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Glutton for Tears

The TiVo is now set.

I know that this will upset me, but I have to watch it.

What Would You Do? : Grocery Clerk With Special Needs

How Will Shoppers React When Customer Tells Clerk With Down Syndrome: 'You're Absolutely Retarded!'

I got chills when I read the article linked above. My heart started beating faster. I wished I could have been there.

Have you seen this show? It's really kind of interesting. It's a hidden camera deal where they set up scenes in public, starring actors, and wait to see how those around will react. The one we watched last week had an abusive man and an obviously abused woman in a restaurant. First, they showed a white woman, then a black one, and, finally, they put the women in provocative clothing to see if that made a difference. It did. It was shocking and it was sad.

Which, ugh, lets me know that, at a minimum, I will find tomorrow's episode both shocking and sad.

It's real, though. This is how people treat other people.

And if you're like the lady I ran with about a month ago, and you defend you and your children's use of the R word to no end even after I politely mentioned that it's a word that hurts me? Well, maybe you should watch this, too.

Ok, now I'm off to read the comments on the article. Even though I probably shouldn't. That's where the real loons come out to play...in the comments.


Karly said...

We have this DVR'd as well. Not sure I really want to watch, but I also can't look away. I will be looking forward to your review and thoughts after viewing.