Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A while back, I believe it was a Friday night, I came downstairs to a lovely surprise. BD knows that I love snacks (I mean, who doesn't know? Really. Raise your hand.), but what's even better than just regular snacks is appetizers.

Ohhh, man! Little bite sized goodness! Warm or cold, passed or buffet-style. A little amuse bouche and I'm in heaven.

I'm in Weight Watchers for a reason, y'all. Slowest. Loser. Ever. Because I have food issues. My middle name should be Nom Nom Nom.


So I come downstairs and there's a fire lit. There's also a spread of perfectly toasted bread and wine and cheese and meat and seasoned oil and balsamic vinegar and olives and the best ever spicy mustard and truffle-y stuff and OMG I'M SO HAPPY!

He used the wine and cheese tray and the dipping dishes that we pull out for parties was the perfect dinner.

The best part ever was that our girl loved it, too.

She went at it like a mini-foodie and made her mama proud.

No wine for her though. Just in case you were wondering.

Oh, and unfortunately I didn't think to take photos until I had housed half of the food so the presentation is a leetle off.

I love how this post is juxtaposed oh-so-nicely to that of the lovely Wendy. Way to make me feel like a poser, Dub! You know I'd take your hose swing any day of the week.

Until next time? Here's a scrunchy face from that day. Because I never get enough scrunchy faces.

And because I can't stop there:

There's something - so much, really - about that face. Little, cute jack-o-lantern.

That's my girl.


Cate said...

look at her! a girl after my own heart.

also, excellent dinner idea. thumbs up to BD.

Wendy P said...

Love. her. And you. And BD.

It totally looks like she's enjoying some vino with her fancy eats.

And y'all have to hurry back soon, so you can enjoy you some hose swing!

Andrea said...

OK, you made me hungry! She is just getting way to big! So cute!

Lisa said...