Thursday, January 7, 2010

Silly Grown-Ups

Let me preface this story by saying that two of Playette's favorite things are dogs and babies.

She signs dog sometimes, along with the corresponding "duh! duh!", and I'll look around and sigh, "No, Boobalicious, I don't see any dogs," and then I do another visual sweep of the surrounding area and quickly backtrack and say, "Oops! There it is. You're right. There's a dog."

I've checked the direction of Playette's gaze and wayyyy over there on the corner, waiting to cross the street, is a dog. Or there was the time where she signed dog and said "duh! duh!" when we were at the ENT's office waiting for an appointment. Even though I figured that the nurse had no idea what the Littlest One was saying, I blushed and said, "No, no, she's not..." and then...wait...she has a dog on her shirt! Foiled again.

I really need to stop doubting this kid.

She spots babies with the exact same intent and preciseness.

So, yesterday, we were sitting at the dining room table with the Speech Therapist (ST). She was there to watch Playette eat breakfast and give us some feedback on the whole liquid thickening process before she takes off very soon for few months of maternity leave.

At one point, the topic of the baby's imminent arrival came up.

Playette was all, "Wait. Baby? Where?" and we pointed to ST's belly.

Since we obviously didn't understand what she was asking, she gave us her "what?" gesture, which is the universally-known shrug of the shoulders and hands out to the side.

That's when it hit me.

I'm about to start this whole "Where do babies come from?" thing with my two-year-old.

We assured her that the baby was indeed in ST's belly one more time and then had to laugh. Playette wasn't buying it and you could see it all over her face that she was losing confidence in the people that are supposed to be here to guide her.

You could almost hear her thinking:

"Babies come from strollers, not bellies."

I'm totally ok with that. For now.


Wendy P said...

I'm pretty sure if we played video of Kira and Playette side by side we'd figure out the sign for "you are out of your ever-loving mind, Mom."

Or maybe that's what that eye-rolling is about.

Peaches323 said...

That is hilarious. Wait until she really figures out where babies come from. LD is so scarred for life from that one. And let's not even talk about how some mommies feed babies. My poor son needs therapy.

AZ Chapman said...

love the comment that babies comee from strollers.

ps I would like to meeet u before u move

Tricia said...

You realize what this means, right? You need to get a dog...or a baby! :)

ks_kristi said...

I vote for a dog..just cause you know!