Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Busy, Part I

So, I'm always saying we've been busy, right? But busy doing what?

When I got back from my two-week trip to NY, I had one day to rest up before taking on another challenge that Sunday morning.

Remember when I told you that I completed a 10K? And how I didn't used to be able to run 40 yards without crying and/or hacking up a lung?

Well, it was all in preparation for the Big Sur Half Marathon. The girl that used to have anxiety over "running" a mile ran 13.1 of those jokers.

You can see the "stuffed otter" that sucked any remaining energy out of my body at mile 10 at about the 1:28 mark in the video. He was a cute energy-sucker though. Right in front of the aquarium. Loved that.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day and I actually enjoyed myself.

I mean, of course at mile 1 when I was searching for the marker, sure that we'd run at least 2 miles by then, I never thought I would finish. I was scared that I'd bitten off too much, too soon. But then, after about mile 3, it got better. My toes weren't as cold, the view was amazing, and I was inspired by seeing the stellar athletes already on their way back to the finish line. Shoot, I wasn't mad. Good for them!

And when I saw BD, Playette, and a friend waiting at the turnaround around mile 8 with encouraging signs that included "Playette's Momma is Awesome"? Yeah, I kinda had to keep going.

Since I'd never done anything like this before, my original goal was to simply (simply? ha!) finish. That's it and that's all. Oh, and I wasn't allowed to stop running. Or use an iPod. ( <-- FNPT's version of torture, though she did make it up to me with a commemorative charm for my bracelet. Yay!)

I did it though. I set my personal record.

I'll post some more pictures soon. Promise. Though not the official ones because they always seemed to catch me with my belly hanging out and flapping over my pants.

Not. Cute.

Oh, and I really should try to run again because I haven't since the 15th. I would hate to end up right back where I was 7 months ago.


Lacia said...

Wow....that is AMAZING! Good for you! My SIL is trying to convince me to enter a half marathon with her in Toronto in the spring, but I'm too chicken. I've never done any kind of a race before, so I worry I wouldn't be able to do it. I'd like to at least do a 10K race first.

ks_kristi said...

I am still in shock that this was you! Way to go simply amaze me more and more year after year!

sheree said...

you are amazing!! WOW!!

Michelle said...

I am so impressed!! You 'almost' make me want to run :) Congrats to you!

Karly said...

This is sooo inspiring. Honestly. But it's winter and I am watching both kids so I will refrain from throwing on my shoes and heading out. I'm gonna leave the cool running accomplishments to you, my friend. But I might need to make a sign to cheer you on. ;)