Sunday, November 8, 2009


This blog isn't about me.

It's not even just about Playette.

It's about our interaction, what she teaches us, and how her mere presence influences our lives.

So when we're not together? I can understand why I feel like I have nothing much to say.

That's really what's going on now...I'm missing my baby, my inspiration.

BD is taking very good care of her though. They're having some great daddy-daughter time. I'm almost convinced that them sharing the couch together yesterday is the reason that Navy beat Notre Dame.

I will soldier on though, committing to posting more often this week than last.

I hope I don't bore you.

So what have I been up to over the past week?

Well, as I mentioned, I'm residing in NY temporarily. Yes, I was just here six months ago, but here's the deal: In the sect of the Navy Reserve of which I am a part, a license is required. That license has to be renewed every 5 years. If you don't work in the industry that requires use of that license (which I don't), it becomes a very expensive and cumbersome process, in part due to new regulations that require additional certifications.

Sounds fun, right?

So here was my choice: Take a class I needed and pay $2000 for it or turn it into another Active Duty two-week stink and get paid (twice even! I still get paid by my full-time job when I'm on ADT) to take it. Ick. Though it's far from being all about the money, I think most people would agree that it's really difficult to remove that from the equation completely.

Now, if I hadn't taken this course? I couldn't renew my license and, therefore, risk the possibility of losing my place in the USNR after 11 years of service. Of course, that could still happen. There's a very crucial test I need to take and I get itchy just thinking about it.

*breaking to scratch*

BD and I decided together that I should work towards renewing my license. So here I am.

What's kinda cool, though, is that last week consisted of some things that I just don't get to do everyday. Like firefighting (the instructors were awesome - this was my fourth time going through this type of training and it was my best experience). And Personal Survival Training (think: jumping off a 3 m diving board into a pool while wearing an immersion suit, donning a life vest and performing various exercises, and jumping directly into/righting a turned over liferaft, just to name a few). Those parts were more fun than I expected (well, minus the high dive, which made me realize that my fear of heights is real). Plus, I'm now re-certified in First Aid and CPR again, which is always good. These things are all intended to keep me safe onboard ship in case of an emergency.

After my Basic Safety Training was complete on Friday, I proceeded to sit on the highway for 736 about 5 hours (only due to some insane traffic) so that I could come visit some friends and family while I'm off for the weekend. I feel really fortunate to be able to do that. Really. My friend, J, remarked yesterday that she feels like she sees me more now than she did when I lived in DC.

So I've experienced the bitter (to me) cold and the wonder of the changing leaves. I've done some bargain hunting (yes, I'm packing that whole wheat spaghetti in my suitcase to take home - it was only 50 cents!), had good conversation and laughs. All in all, a very nice time.

I even kept up with my running, starting by the Art Museum, down Kelly Drive alongside the Schuylkill River, passing the boathouse. It reminded me of those (very few) days I was on the crew team in college.

In our 5,011 years of friendship, I think the only time J and I have run together may have been the one mile I hacked my way through in high school JROTC. It was nice to be able to have her to help me get through this particular run. I bet she believes me now that I talk almost the entire time (I promise that I tried to keep my mouth shut - FAIL). Hey, whatever works.

I'll head back north in a bit. But first, waffles.