Friday, July 17, 2009

Wednesdays with Mama: Audiology Edition

Prepare for cuteness overload. I am just so in love with this kid. Don't get me wrong, she drives me nuts too (yeah, she's two all right), but she's just so darn cute these days.

Plus, I think she may just like me back a little now. Before, she was all, "Eh. You can stay," but it currently seems like she actually cares if I'm around or not and that feels kinda good.

So, you may know that I have every other Wednesday off from work. Well, up until now, I've been jam-packing those two days a month with appointments and such (in part due to guilt that BD's daily schedule allows him the opportunity to take her to more therapy appointments than mine does). Granted, we were going to Parents' Place every once in a while, but really, we were more busy that anything. Fun? Not so much.

Enough of that.

I think next week we have the 24 month Well Baby doctor visit, but I've already put it in my datebook that we're going to the aquarium the first Wednesday in August. I just have to remember to pick up the free pass from the library. If you're local and want to come, please do join us for the seahorse (!!!) exhibit. I've got room for four more people on the pass.

Last week, in keeping with the Whirlwind Wednesday trend, we went to the Audiologist. Playette hates this. Never have I seen six months go by as fast as they do between Audiology visits. I swear it always seems like we were just there. But every time, it never fails, the Aud is all, "See you in six months," and I begrudgingly make the appointment.

It's not that we think Playette can't hear. We just don't know how well exactly yet. No. Scratch that. We haven't caught on paper how well she can hear yet.

If you ask me, she can hear ants digging tunnels in the backyard.

But, of course, no one is asking me.

So we go.

I think we must just like wasting gas and putting 70 miles on the car each way, personally.

Maybe it's that guilt thing again. At least for me. I think that because Playette has this dx, I'm afraid that I'm going to miss something that's going to set her back and not allow her the opportunity to reach her full potential. I mean, if she truly does have hearing issues, and we don't address them in a timely manner, then that would affect her speech, which is huge.

So we go. Until I can come up with a better idea.

Or she just flat out tells me that the clapping bear and yapping dog are annoying and she'd really rather we stop trying to stick too-big tubes in her tiny ear canals.

I am not ruling out the latter actually happening.

And now? The faux toes.

After breakfast.

Strutting around the waiting room. Happy.

Having a fit of despair in the Aud booth. Unhappy.

Adding some drama. Devastated.

Back in the waiting room. Thrilled.

Time to make a new appointment. Contemplating.

Appointment sheet in-hand. Destructive.

Hanging out while mama eats lunch and reflects on stuff. Stinkin' cute.


datri said...

Oh, I'm completely with you on the audiology appointments! Ugh. The sound booth just strikes me as a complete waste of time (particularly with Kayla's additional autism, she really doesn't care about the clapping monkey) and every time they do the tympanogram it's flat. Sigh.

Molly C said...

I'm pretty sure she's like the cutest child I've ever seen. Seriously

Alvaro said...

Malea is so damn cute! And maybe she'd dig the Audiology appointments more if you put some Jackson 5 on those headphones? Just sayin'...

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

She IS stinkin cute!!!! That's for sure!!! They show Dora on a TV at our audiology appointments. It's kind of crazy... and they talk REALLY loud. I've never understood the purpose of that really. Do they do that at yours too or is that just a Nashville thing? Hmmm... Kennedy doesn't mind the appointments really, she just looks at them like they're all crazy! LOL

sheree said...

I hate audiology appointments. We have one next week. Sigh.

THIS time we have to exhaust gabby before hand so she'll sleep during the tests. Right.

AZ Chapman said...

too cute I might be able to go to the aquiarm it depends though I will get back to u

Lisa said...

She cracks me up! Hope these next 6 months go by a little slower :)

rastagalNJ said...

Chrystal, she is so cute, its crazy. I think her and HRC would be great playmates!