Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hawaii: Day 3

This was a pretty full day that started with us meeting up with some local friends who agreed to show us around their island for the day. We really appreciated the time they devoted to showing our little family such a good time.

Our first stop was the North Shore where we hung out at Waimea Bay, which is absolutely gorgeous. We went snorkeling and did some hanging out, enjoying the cool water and watching a pod of dolphins play just offshore.

Before you get confused, that's us - not the dolphins. I just like that picture cause the water's all purdy.

After the beach, we were hungry and headed to Haleiwa for lunch.

Yes, we ate shrimp off of a graffiti-adorned truck. I asked if it was like eating food off a street cart in NYC. If it is, I don't care 'cause it was GOOD.

I was half-expecting Playette's throat to close up though. It would be just our luck that she'd inform us that she was allergic when we were so far on the outskirts. But, thankfully, no issues other than the fact that she roughed me for a nice chunk of my food.

Next, we went over to Waimea Valley Park. It was a beautiful nature walk to the falls. Coincidentally, the distance is just about equivalent to that of hiking Diamond Head, but, yeah. TOTALLY DIFFERENT.

I couldn't resist getting in. When BD took this photo, it had gotten really crowded all of the sudden so I thought I'd help you out some. I'm at the end of the yellow arrow. (check out my mad MS Paint skillz)

The rest of the day, we rode around, getting a great view of the mountains. We didn't take many photos this day because it was all about the video camera. BD is a huge Lost fan (I go along for the ride) and he was getting a kick out of seeing all these different places where filming took place.

All in all, it was a great day.

Vacation recaps seem like a decent idea at first, but then I start to feel like a dork after the first post. Ah, what to do, what to do...


Peaches323 said...

Keep them coming. We are all living vicariously through you.

Sonia said...

You made me miss HI so so so much! More please...more!