Monday, July 20, 2009

Come On Get Happy

I'm still laughing at how one commenter friend over at Lisa's blog said that we need a tour bus. That's so true!

Check out some of what we did while we were in the LA area on Saturday.

Meeting that family was such a joy.

Have you ever met a celebrity or just someone you know all about that hasn't met you yet? You know that feeling when they introduce themselves and you're thinking "But of course I know who you are!"?

That's kinda how it was for me on Saturday.

I was all, "Hi Kevin! Where's Joey? Oh, Annabelle is so cute! Why is Daisy hiding? Lilah is such a big girl! Oh, can I hold Finn?"


Playette loved hanging with the kids and they were so sweet and welcoming to her. I just couldn't get over that. That group photo in Lisa's post was totally unstaged. They all were sitting there together like that, engaged and happy.


When we left there, we went over to Redondo Beach to meet up with BD's friends. Playette's great-grandmother came to pick her up for the night and we got to spend an adult evening that included walking along the (warm!) beach and bike riding.

Part of why trips like that are so nice for me is because I miss summer so much. Check out the there/here contrast:

It got even hotter than this later on.

We pretty much cut the temperature in half. That's how we roll here in my 'hood.


sheree said...

haha, you really do need a bus though :)

Lisa said...

We LOVED having you guys here! Malea fit right in here, the kids adored her. Hope you'll come again :)

Michelle said...

how neat that you and Lisa were able to meet up!