Friday, July 24, 2009

Pretend Play

Logging some notes...

Playette is cracking us up these days with her pretending. She is currently way into the following:
  • Cleaning (having her own dustbuster has come in handy)

  • Talking on the phone (most often when one of us is on the phone)

  • Eating (she does this for real too, of course, but if you hold out your hand, she'll playfully pretend to take something out of it and put it in her mouth)

  • Fake tears - The other day at dinner, she decided that she didn't want to eat anymore and started to cry. We continued to eat. She paused, peeked through her fingers to see if we were still looking, and then started up again. We laughed and then she did too. Classic.


Lisa said...

How cute! We've got pretend housekeeping, phone usage and eating over here, too. (Bridget has now added caretaking (of dolls and stuffed animals), beatboxing, hairdressing, contemporary dancing, pretending to be embarrased).) Playette is adorable!

Michelle said...

Oh the fake tears are a riot aren't they?!