Thursday, September 25, 2008

In-Room Dining


Not that it's not good, 'cause, really, it is, but when I flew across the country, I kinda had this idea that I'd be footloose and fancy free. Nah, not so much with that. I'm the only one at the party and I'm still pooped.

Actually, it's been all about the room service for the second night in a row. And Tuesday night? I totally ate the remaining food from my "I'm about to get on a plane and Lawd knows they aint gonna feed me" stash.

I miss my little family. I just called and they're out to eat, of all things. There's Playette, my social butterfly, hanging out with the big kids again. And they're all having sushi. Again.

But just when I start to get bummed, my phone makes a noise...hmmm, a text message from Playette? And a photo?

dear momma, yogurt is good! malea

Thanks for the smile, Fam.