Thursday, December 13, 2012

Do you see what I seeee?

About four months ago, I wrote about taking Dez to an open call for a diaper package shoot.

Today, we walked through Walmart and saw this:



I don't mean to make it sound like I was surprised, all "Well, fiddle-dee-dee! Would you look at that? My son is on a package of di-yuh-puz."

I totally drove all over Robin Hood's barn this afternoon looking for these.

The pics are super crappy because, for some reason, I thought I didn't need a cart and Squiry McMoverson was not in the mood to let me get a good shot or four.

A few of the ladies who worked there got excited once they realized why I was taking pictures of diaper packages (cuckoo!), so then I got excited. Dez was grinning away the whole time. It was a cool moment.

This kid is oozing with swag.

He still has approximately 12 minutes of lifetime fame coming to him, in case you're wondering.

And now I need to figure out where I can donate these teeny dipes that our almost-eight-monther couldn't squeeze into if we paid him.

Note: White Cloud is WM's brand, but not all stores are carrying these just yet. They were around years ago, got replaced with Parent's Choice, and now are coming back. If you see them in your hood, feel free to let me know.


ckbrylliant said...

What a stud muffin! Congrats!!!

Michelle said...

How awesome is that! Couldn't have picked a cuter model either!

Alison said...

Um, that is awesome! And are you getting any MONEY for this gig? I hate to the be capitalist friend, but I'll go ahead and be that person. $$$!

Michelle Z said...

WHOOOO!! Famous baby! We knew him when ;)

He's adorable!!!