Friday, December 7, 2012

This Kid, I Swear

First, you may be wondering where I've been. Here. Sick. Again.

After having a nice Thanksgiving dinner, I got very ill for a few days. Eventually, I went to the ER and was diagnosed with a pretty bad case of pneumonia. Yes, again. Apparently, even though I appear healthy and feel like I'm getting back to being in the best shape I've ever been in, I have the lungs of a much less healthy person. That's scary. I'll see a Pulminologist in ten days. Hopefully, the x-ray will be clear/better/something.

In the meantime, I keep signing up for races to run in 2013. How's that for staying optimistic?

Sooo...yeah. Haven't felt like blogging.

Playette had a bad day at school on Wednesday. Her worst yet. And it was an early dismissal day! How did she manage to squeeze so much crap into an abbreviated schedule?!

The teacher totally bypassed the "red light" scenario and just sent an email, detailing exactly how my daughter chose to pretend she is being raised by wolves. She asked, at the end of the correspondence, if we wouldn't mind backing up her stern words with our daughter with some of our own.

Um, how 'bout she didn't even have to ask?!

And then I have to remember that everyone has bad days.

I know I've said this before, but it bears repeating.

Because, obviously, I'm still struggling with this whole "perfection has no place in childhood" thing.

Ironically, Thursday was picture re-take day.

Because lots of people need do-overs.

Since Playette's pics came out goofy, at best, I dressed her up and took at little longer on her hair yesterday morning. We'll see how those turn out.

Then, BD surprised me with getting off work early and going by the school to volunteer. I was jealous! With Dez at home with me, that's not something I've had the pleasure of doing yet. It sounds like I need to though, because it may help with my skewed view of how other kindergartners act (Even though I am getting a bit of an education by watching this show from time to time. Have you seen it? Hilarious.).

BD relayed tales that both put me at ease and made me laugh. Our kid is delightfully average in that group. Not that I think what she did was ok, but at least she's in good bad typical company.

Here's yesterday's follow-up from the teacher. I'm not thick-skinned enough to share the message from the first day.

"She was better today. She didn't want to go outside, though. Mrs. S [the TA] stayed in with her and she colored. I figured that it may have something to do with how pretty she looked."

And my response:

"I'll make sure she's nice and dusty tomorrow so we won't have that issue again. :)"

And now some more smiley-type stuff to share:

  Rainbow Words Update

Fine Motor Improvement
She's getting much better at writing her first name. I'd show you except I can't get the picture to show up horizontally. Another time, then.