Thursday, August 30, 2012


There have been a lot of new things happening over here. If it's not one thing, it's another. And that makes it oh so difficult for me to get to the computer. Those of you that can blog through chaos? My hat's off to you. Because I'd rather nap. Or whine with my face in a pillow.

So. Today. Today's the First Day of Kindergarten.

How'd that happen?

And, due to this whole staggered start thing that they have here, today is the only day this week that Playette will go all day. On Monday, we all went to have a 30 minute meeting with the teacher.

Actually, to my dismay, that turned into 45 minutes with the teacher, teacher's assistant, Assistant Principal, nurse, Speech Therapist, Special Educator, and...I think that's it. I really, truly just wanted it to be an average meeting like every other student gets since our goal is full inclusion and all, but...I guess I just have to learn to get over the fact that, no matter what, we're "speshul."

We talked about all kinds of things and of course I forgot to ask the questions that really mattered to me. I was overwhelmed, in part, due to having just received Playette's eligibility paperwork from our last school district before we left the house. Amongst those documents were some testing results that had me so shook up. Basically, I was left wondering if she could even function in a typical classroom based on how low some of the scores were. I mean, I know she is not a number, but I dare you to see, in writing, someone talk about how "low-functioning" your child is and not take it to heart, if only for a minute. And then you wonder what you could have done more of (therapy? flash cards?), what you should have done less of (television? signing?). It goes on and on. And it helps no one.

So, yeah. Testing can EAD.

(If you're trying to figure out what that means and you're coming up with something crass? That's it.)

Bottom line, I was absolutely not at my best during that teacher (et al.) meeting.

Aaaaand, even though this makes me sound like a total dip, when I was getting my eyebrows separated on Sunday, the lady doing them, who used to be a Special Education Aide at this school, was all, "As long as she doesn't have Mrs. _____, she'll be fine. She's the worst."

Of course, I couldn't remember the teacher's name right then and now all I can do is swear up and down that the name she said is the teacher we have and...ugh. It's not like eyebrow lady's experience is the gospel, but still. I don't need thoughts like that rolling around in my head. Again, it helps no one.

I've considered asking the local parents group which Kindergarten teachers are preferred out of the five the school has, but I don't want to walk down that road. Each kid is different. All parents are different. Someone else's bad time may be just what Playette needs. I have to give this teacher a chance and stay open-minded.

At least for today. And maybe Tuesday.

Kidding. Sort of. Maybe.

I took some pics and I'll share those next time. She was super cute and so happy to ride the bus again. I really hope things are going well!

(But she's been less than angelic lately,'m scared that they're going to kick her out.)


Speaking of my "angel", we had our first expression of serious distaste for her brother last night. I watched in horror as she looked down, raised her foot, and stomped on his hand as he was getting in his tummy/scoot time. WTH?! I was livid.

And then, after we got them both down to bed, BD and I went downstairs to watch TV for a bit. When we came back up, we found Playette knocked out in our bed.

That has never happened before.

Pre-school anxiety, maybe?


What else?

Oh! Dez has his first teeth! Two little crookeds (my fault) in the bottom center. How typical of him! He's 4.5 months old today and they showed up about a week ago. Super cute.

I swear he really exists, y'all. I'll throw in a couple of proof pics in the next post.

Also, I took him to an open call for a diaper package shoot two weeks ago (don't judge me). I will let you know how that turns out.

One thing I do know? I'm not cut out to be a stage mom.

Bonus: He got paid in diapers and wipes just for showing up. Thankyouverymuch.


This is the first week my whole family has lived in this house.

Big ups to single parents. I hate being alone. But duty calls and BD has to answer, so...yeah. I'm enjoying this week.


I ran the twice this past week. 3.6 miles and 3.25 miles. That sucked. But I'm not giving up and am seeing some improvement. Once Tuesday rolls around and school starts for real-for real, I will be grabbing the jog stroller right after the bus comes and making this thing a habit again. My first race is at the end of October and I have a lot of work to do between now and then. Thankfully, my friend from the California days lives nearby and is training for the same race. The last time we were together both of our girls were babies and now we both have little boys. So we have lots to catch up on while we huff and puff.

I still haven't bothered to look for found my 30 Day Shred DVD yet.


There must be more, but my brain is a sieve, so I'm off to help BD put up curtains in Dez's room.

Don't go getting impressed or anything. I want them up for the kids because I'm hoping that blackout curtains will help them sleep a little longer since their rooms face east.

There's a method to my domestic madness.


Becca said...

Oh yeah, that baby's real - soooo happy to have gotten the chance to hold him and carry him around. And I'll tell ya what else, his poop stinks. Hahaha!! That's when I handed him back to BD. :-) Oh my, Dez is a cutie pie anyway.

Hope all works out well with school and the teacher!! Playette's going to do just fine, and I'm willing to bet she'll charm the pants off of all of them.

Alison said...

Playette's going to be awesome. And isn't the parental anxiety you described just a part of the process? That seems to be the case for all my friends with typical kids. As we say around here, "It's all part of the ride."

3.25 miles is awesome! I've been running for a year now, and 3.25 is about as high as I care to go. I figure if I can stay there, I'm good.

krlr said...

Ugh. Testing, new teachers, & new school years. I swear the booze industry must see a spike ever August.

And RUNNING! How far is the Oct race? I'm newly motivated by the FL/Disney deal. I'm absolutely counting on you showing up!