Monday, September 10, 2012

While You Wait...

I swear that I'm going to post about school. SWEAR!

It's just that it'll probably be a dooz and I need some time. Which is kinda rare around here these days.

And no, it won't be like my past promises of posting about things and not ever doing it. I can tell by all of the pics on my camera that never made it to the blog that I've done that more than a couple of times.

But that's what 31 for 21 is for, right? I get to catch up in October!

Not about school though. That will be this week. Promise. are a couple of things that have made me smile lately:


Scene: This morning in the hallway. Playette is with Dez as he plays in the bouncy seat while I brush my teeth.

Playette: AAAAAAHHHH! OUCH! No, Dez. Not! Nice!
Me: What happened?
Playette: Dez bit my hand.
Me: Well did you have it in his mouth?
Playette: Yes.
Me: Don't do that.
Playette: Ok.

See? Parenting is soooo easy!


Scene: In the bathroom with Playette, waiting for her to finish up.

Side note: She randomly busts out into singing this song. Pretty much all summer. She loves pop music. It's not my doing, I swear. But it does kinda balance out her addiction to the Fresh Beat Band.

Playette: Party and bull and party and bull.
Me: Oh, you're singing your song? Party and bull?
Playette: Nooo, mama. (starts making gestures, signing potty, pointing to her butt, and then making fists and pulling them apart). Potty. Pull.
Me: Wha? Noooo, it's Party Bull, not Potty Pull. (I can't believe we're having this conversation. And on the toilet, no less.)
Me: Do you understand?
Playette: Yes. (inward eyeroll)

And it's been Potty Pull ever since. Shows how much she listens to me.