Thursday, September 20, 2012

More First World Problems

A couple of things. Not life-threatening or groundbreaking, but still.

In the pile of papers that came home with Playette yesterday was an envelope. Written on it were the words "seperate [sic] checks". I opened that envelope to find two applications I had filled out, one for joining the PTA ($8 - I really don't get the reason for that fee) and the other for a t-shirt to be used by Playette for school events ($4 - totally get that). So, since I was sending them back in at the same time and the money was going to the same organization, I wrote one check for $12.

Apparently, that was all kinds of wrong. Should I have known? Veteran parents of school-aged children, is this common? I had to spend time I didn't have this morning, writing checks number 2 and 3. I never write checks anymore. So, yeah, just wondering. Is this just how school is and I need to get over it?


Next, the IEP meeting went fine. It was just over an hour and we discussed what was needed to transition her document from one state to the next and also what was left to be completed for eligibility (another thing I don't get - why can't I just turn in her karyotype and be done forever already?).

Apparently, because my daughter is much like a soup can, she needs a label.


And the one she has, DD - Developmentally Disabled, just won't do any longer (in this state).

Can anyone explain to me what label (ugh) is most desirable and why? After all these years, I just still don't get it. My initial thought is to aim for OHI, but I should probably have a better understanding of why this is my goal before we meet again on October 17th.

Teach me, wise ones.


Oh! And just in case I made it seem the other day like there was one big Ds Yahoo Group for all, that's not quite what I meant. We've been fortunate that in the four areas we've lived since Playette was born that each support group had an online component via Yahoo Groups. So that's where I've always gone with questions about schools, doctors, and the like.

Just wanted to clear that up. What I write makes sense in my head, but clarity is not always my strong suit. If you ever are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, just ask. If you're lucky that day, I might know.


Becca said...

Uh, about the check thing...I would have assumed that would be the case (needing separate checks), only because they *never* make things easy, the paperwork we get coming home is *ridiculous* (sooooo many trees getting cut down!), and it's only logical that you would need 2 checks. Right? hahaha

Samantha will now have to undergo testing for her new label this year. It has to be changed from DD to God-knows-what before she turns 7. Playette's a little young... Keep this in mind...they will *try* to get you to change it earlier than 7 (like at 5), but it's not *required* until they're 6 1/2-ish. We were recommended by her school to wait until now rather than doing it at 5 because she'd be more mature and the test results would be more accurate the older she is. Just a thought...

That being said, I have to start trawling the listserves to find out what our options are. I hate to have to change from DD, and have no idea what my options are, either. Great post...

Anna said...

I don't know if I'd even benne able to FIND the checkbook!
About the school /label thing. I am so clueless that all of this is really making my head spin. You think I jest?!! Ha! We are choosing to private school and get service through the public school. Um. Yeah. It took two days of talking in circles for the lady and I to understand each other. (I thought when our school called her there was already an understanding. She thought I was a random person calling. Middle man or two dropped the ball. It wasn't discovered until I asked her if we just needed to peruse having the testing she wanted done at the down syndrome clinic in Atlanta. Huge pause, "your daughter has down syndrome??" um..... Yeah. Let's start this conversation over. Add all this into the medical mayhem. (for her and myself!) just typing this out makes me feel like I need a glass of wine. Great post!

JB said...

Some thoughts from the other side of the table....

The PTA money probably feeds you cookies and coffee at the meetings or it might allow the school to give each teacher a token amount to buy supplies.

The writing two checks thing is because you are basically writing checks to two separate account. Yes, I agree, it's another piece of PITA paperwork you have to deal with. Again. But it makes things a bit more easier at school. The teacher doesn't have to keep track of whose check was for how much (you'd be surprised how many parents chose not to do the PTA checks) and the school can keep track of funds more effectively.

As someone who does about 100 IEP and Eligibility meetings a school year, the eligibility thing is another PITA. But federal law says it has to be done or you lose your label. It makes sense when dealing with other disabilities, but given that DS is part of who Playette is and always will be, it's absurd.

As for the label, you need to look into if/how the new label will affect services. If the school won't talk openly about the choices there should be some sort of parent's rights organization who can help.

Know that the ridiculous paperwork is frustrating for the school as well; the law is the law and all we can do is kill trees to stay in compliance.