Monday, September 17, 2012

Following Up

I like when people put Q&As on their blogs. I'm nosy and that really simplifies things.

I tried to start that up here, but people don't really ask me anything, so it flopped. Megablogger, I am not.

But my pal, krlr, (prounounced Curlier - ok, not really) asked a question, though, so answer it, I must.

How did we find Playette's school?

Well, one thing I do happen to appreciate about Ds is the community. Ever since the girl child was born, we've been connected to one group or another. We've been to six different Buddy/Ds Awareness Walks in four different states! Some of them multiple times!

We get around.

You can see our smiling faces on posters and brochures on each coast as well as the midwest.

So, when you add in the Navy moving us around every so often, one thing we can always count on is that there will be other families wherever we'll be who also have loved ones with an extra chromo.

I google, I ask around, I sign up.

And that's how we found the current school.

I went to the Yahoo group and said something like, "Hey, I know you don't know me, but I've got this kid going to Kindergarten that I would like fully included and do you happen to know if any schools are better than others?"

A few people answered and that was that.

You see, because you can look at school ratings on the internet and all, but they're talking about the general population.

Those ratings don't tell you jack squat about the administration's attitude towards educating children with special needs.

Those ratings don't tell you about the teacher who taught a little girl a few years ago whose parents spearheaded an effort to make things better for people all over the country with cognitive disabilities, therefore putting this mom at ease about having her own kid in that class because obviously those parents wouldn't take any crap.

Those ratings don't tell you about how your kid will be one of many with Ds in the school and, therefore, the staring will be minimal and cruelty won't be tolerated.

You just don't get that from a "9" or a "10".

You get that from the community.

You get that from the other parents who know and have been fortunate to be in one place long enough to know the ins and outs and are willing to take the time to share that knowledge with a newbie.


Oh, and also? I know I screwed up by not checking my voicemail for days and all, but that was actually quick for me. I hate checking voicemail because I live in 2012 and I am spoiled. Never in a million years did I expect that teacher to still be at work, let alone returning calls, an hour after school ended on the Friday before a holiday weekend. Because y'all know I would have been O-U-T.

And that's why I know you're thrilled I'm not a teacher.


Keep asking me questions, y'all! Look how I responded all promptly and stuff! Go, me!

Side note: Why is my leetle baby all the way across the room when I put him down right next to me? He is up on his knees. And now his toes. Lord, help me.


Becca said...

Haha, I did that Q&A once, and was absolutely *terrified* that nobody would bite. I got lucky, and got enough questions to fill a post, but that's all it was - LUCK. I was preparing for the crickets. Anyway, the Ds community is super-awesome. I'm grateful for it every day. And anyone who is wondering why I have a hundred-gazillion Facebook friends need wonder no more. It's all about support, community, shared experiences. Glad you found such a fantastic school!

krlr said...

Hmmm... of course you write this AFTER I just deleted half a gazillion FB friends! At least I could theoretically pop in on a yahoo group without inviting them over for coffee. Though we're never moving ever, ever again, courtesy of our shockingly poorly timed house purchase so hopefully I won't need to try any of this out. But I do love this community!
~ yours, Curlier.