Thursday, March 31, 2011

More on Spreading the Word

Tim Shriver, Chairman and CEO of Special Olympics, was on The Colbert Report yesterday, asking Stephen Colbert to lead an anti-R-word campaign.

Check out the interview here.

It was funny to me, but I get it. I wonder if people that aren't emotionally invested already came away with the intended purpose.

A great quote from the interview:

"I didn't say you cannot use the [r] word: I don't want to be a cop; I want to be a teacher. You're allowed to be humiliating, degrading, and hurtful. I'm allowed to petition you to at least recognize what you...say and be aware of the option you have to stop...I'm asking you awareness for a forgotten population."

Many thanks to the friend that brought this to my attention. Good looking out!


jonashpdx said...

thanks, I would've missed this if you hadn't pointed me to it.

'Enjoying The Hi-5s of Autism - A Family Experience' said...

EnjoyHi5Autism says Happy AUTISM Awareness Month! Glad we are focusing on all of the 'uniquely different' people in the world.