Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Clutch the Pearls!

Something good just happened.

Something unexpected and so appreciated.

I called a preschool, a close one, like, right down the street from my house, and I had my defenses up, expecting to be expected to sell them on my kid (which I refuse to do) and fight the familiar fight and the lady was all, "Oh, so are her delays documented?"

Me: Very much so.

Her: Let me check in with my Regional Director and I'll call you right back. I think I have some ideas that could work.

(We had been discussing the whole toileting conundrum and how that seems to be forcing Playette with much younger children, if she's even allowed to register at all.)

A whopping two minutes later, she called back.

No, really. She called back.

Somehow I missed her call, so she left a message.

And she said something like, "We don't see any reason why she can't come here. Please call me. We can put her in with three-year-olds, no problem, and keep working with toileting. I just want to talk some more. There may be times that we need help with understanding some things [about Ds]."

That's it.

Normally, a pretty anticlimactic story, right?

But, unfortunately, not in my world.

This woman was kind, helpful, and articulate.


So now, backwards as it may be, we can finally go visit the school.

Because there was no way I was going to visit a place that would not even consider admitting my daughter.

This roundabout stuff is for the birds, but good things can and do happen sometimes and that's what I'm choosing to celebrate today.

Of course, in the back of my mind I keep hearing, "Now, watch it be a dump."


IlaBrook said...

Very exciting!! :-)

Michelle Z said...

Whooooooo hoo!

It's something, though! Enjoy that, for now :)

Not a Perfect Mom said...

that is so awesome! I hope you end up liking it...
and maybe once Playette sees her peers using the potty that will totally motivate her!
woo hoo!

jesshaydel said...

Hi I am new to your blog and love the way you write. Youre daughter is BEAUTIFUL.
Like your daughter mine is 3 and a half years old to. She was born in early November right before I turned 34 weeks. We noticed delays early but they kept wanting to label her autistic. About a month ago we found out she has Williams Syndrome. She is missing the chromosome 7 link we just take life day by day. Learning new things everyday

Andrea said...

OH, I loved this post! I am preschool hunting now...

AZ Chapman said...

congrats hope she gets in :)

Lisa said...

How was it?!?!