Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pretty In Pink

Thank you to all who shared their thoughts on the new digs!

I must say that I absolutely love the new layout. It goes perfectly with the vision that I had for a blog update. While I loved my fish (the previous layout was a perfect match to Playette's nursery), it just felt like time for a change. It seemed like perfect timing since I also wanted to debut a new name for this space.

I came up with "One More, More Than One" after writing a very heartfelt first post as a letter to friends and family. I knew I needed to call the site something, but what? I wasn't really in the mindset to be clever, so I went with wordy instead. Still, though, it had a lot of personal meaning for me.

But just as Playette has not stayed that little one-year-old, the blog must, too, evolve.

While (still) fighting the battle to lose weight, I saw this phrase everywhere I turned.

Infomercials for stuff that makes you schweaty: *Results Not Typical

Reality Shows where people lose more in one week than I do in 6 months: *Results Not Typical

Rail Thin Jennifer Hudson: *Results Not Typical

It just made me think...

My life: *Results Not Typical

And I'm ok with that.

So here we are.

If you're interested in working with the very talented Minx, go check out her site. If she can help me? The very non-creative person that I am? I'm sure you're golden.


I'm so grateful for you all. Believe that.


Becca said...

I LOVE the new look and the new title! Well done! :-)

ParkerMama said...

Love, love, love the new look! You done did good, girl! :)

Tammy and Parker

Minx said...

I'm so glad you like it - and I am so in love with the title you picked :)

Andrea said...

I love the new digs too! I was quite shocked to open your blog the other night and not see the fish or the title. For a second I was where did they go??? But this is a vibrant new look and you are still here! Think of you often, I owe you a call! xoxo Andrea

Wendy P said...

LOVE it!! And you!!

Michelle Z said...

SUPER FAB, just like you :)

My favorite is the pigtails. Can't get enough pigtails!

Lisa said...

I was totally surprised when I clicked on this in my reader and it was YOU! Yay! I definitely LOVE it. And that adorable silhouette :)

Carrie said...

Love your new look--and I think your title is one of my favorites ever!