Thursday, January 13, 2011

Post Meridiem


That's the class Playette will be in.

In other words, afternoon preschool.

Hm. Not my first choice, but at the end middle of the day, she's going.

I hope she doesn't fall asleep.

And what's funny is, she's going to the EXACT SAME SCHOOL that we visited last week, where they told us that that there was no friggen' way (there I go paraphrasing again) that she'd end up there because we live a whopping two miles away and the only spot they had was being "reserved" for someone that left town months ago and maybe-might come back. @@@@ <-- That's my eyes rolling. Four times.


They're getting her today, baby!

I feel like it's my first trip to Disney and it's opening in 3 hours!

What am I going to do with myself?

Kidding. I have 9 million things to do. It looks like boxes exploded all over my house.

I am looking forward to spending some alone time with BD, that's for sure. Since he's been back from sea, we've been prepping to move, moving, schlepping, signing, figuring, organizing, and just plain working.

We hung pictures and drove around looking at Craigslist finds for his birthday yesterday. Not exactly wine trolly-ing it up this year.

So, today will be nice. For all of us.

Playette is absolutely missing the companionship of her peers. She wants to play. She needs to play. And learn, too.

She's been assigned to a 50-50 "reverse mainstreaming" (ick on that term) class. She'll be the 7th child with an IEP and there are six children that are Currently Undiagnosed. That's not what they call them. They call them "normal kids" but, uh, I don't like that. Shocked? So I'll use CU.

Time to observe and see if this is the best sitch for our Littlest.

I can't wait until she sees the bus pull up, just for her. It won't be until next week, but she LOVES riding the bus. She points them out everywhere we go. BUS! BUS! BUUSSSS!

Clear as a bell.

Love that kid.


Beth said...

CU is funny. I use NDA (Not Diagnosed with Anything). Did they really call them "normal"? In a school setting I expect to hear "typically developing". Sheesh. Normal.

And of course she got in to that school. It's illegal for them to save a spot if a child with a valid IEP arrives. They were totally BS-ing you.

Cate said...

okay, i love CU. also NDA. stealing both.

I want to know which school this of the ones you were looking at way back when?

Happy birthday BD!

Carrie said...

haha! CU and NDA are definately going to be part of my lexicon from now on!

Yea for school!! and Happy Birthday BD!

Not a Perfect Mom said...

wow...what a big step! And the CU...haha...I'm also going to swipe that!

Maya said...

Oh she sounds so ready! And so do you.
Enjoy that time where she is in school. I can't wait to hear how it goes!