Monday, January 10, 2011

You're kidding, right?

I felt like a kid at Christmas this morning. I was up at 5am and brimming with anticipation. Our stuff was coming! I could cook! I could do laundry! I could SLEEP IN MY BED!

At about 8, I started to get nervous. What if they didn't show? I was starting to feel like they wouldn't. I mean, 8 is not late by any stretch, but I felt like things just weren't going to go as planned, just the same.

I made phone calls. No answer. I left messages.

BD, much later, called a number in his cell phone and magically reached the moving truck driver.

He was in Philadelphia.

We do not live in Philadelphia.

So today's plan of receiving, inventorying, unpacking, and arranging quickly turned into visit the assigned elementary school (even though we knew they didn't offer preschool - annoying), call and screech talk to the special education coordinator about our options, take a tour of the Jewish Community Center (really nice preschool and more), get the tech stuff set up in the house (I still am on the fence about the whole house phone issue - what do you do? I mean, it's $40/month and we both have cell phones), and go furniture shopping.

Regarding the furniture, back when BD and I got married 67 (or 4.5) years ago, we both had full houses of stuff. We narrowed down what to keep and what to sell/donate. It wasn't so bad. We also agreed that after the next duty station, we would start fresh in a couple of rooms and get things that we both liked.

Yay for compromise.

Except, we are not great at shopping. It's been difficult. I'm considering just signing up for a sectional construction class (someone has to offer that, right?) and making a couch my damn self.

There was a success today, though. We found a dining room set. I hope it looks ok when it gets her in a couple of days. Showroom does not equal my home, y'know?

Unfortunately, again, today, I ate crap. For like the 23rd day in a row. I tried to do better though. Instead of losing my mind at Sonic tonight, I had mozzarella sticks and a salad at home plus a couple of Playette's tater tots and one of her chicken tenders. Go, me!

Tomorrow will be better.


Mommy of Many said...

Hopefully, you will get your stuff today...but if not look on the bright side, you won't have to unpack and find a place for everything today. I absolutely despise unpacking. Great blog!

Becca said...

Regarding the house phone issue, we have a house phone and two cell phones. And the house phone is prohibitively expensive in the grand scheme of things, and we rarely use it. However, with a young child I just feel so much more comfortable to have a constant way for people to get in touch with us. What if our cells are charging? What if my cell is buried at the bottom of my purse on another floor of the house because I'm wandering around in my pocket-less pajamas? I hate to shell out so much $$, but feel more much more secure with the home phone.